Facelift: before, during and after the treatment

The first consultation

You have probably thought about a facelift for a long time before actually taking the step to the clinic. Maybe you have been bothered by the sagging skin or your wrinkles for much longer, and you often look more tired than you actually feel inside. If you have taken the first step to come for a consultation, that is the right time to see what is actually possible. There are many techniques when it comes to a surgical lift of the face. Which technique is right for you? You determine this together with your surgeon.


At Skin + Surgery you therefore always come for a consultation with the surgeon who actually performs the operation for you. Together you look at your skin, your face, but you also discuss your age and general health. This is the moment when the possibilities and the before and after results are looked at.

The second consultation

We know from experience that many questions arise after the first consultation. As surgery day approaches, you may still have questions and nerves will likely come into play. At Skin + Surgery Clinics we think it is very important that you go into the operation with peace of mind. This promotes your quick recovery. That is why we schedule a second consultation two weeks before the procedure as standard. The attending surgeon and consultant will calmly answer all your questions, small or large. This way you are completely “ready” for your operation.

On the day of the operation

The surgeon will see you again on the day of surgery. Pictures are then taken and your face is marked. Your blood pressure will be measured one last time and you will receive a preventive tablet of antibiotics and medicines against the swelling. The procedure is performed under sedation (intoxication). You are asleep during the procedure, but you are still breathing yourself. In contrast to a general anesthetic, you are easily awakened and you recover quickly after the procedure. Our anesthetist will stay with you to monitor you during and after the procedure. To ensure that you have little pain during and after the procedure, the face is also locally anesthetized.

During the procedure

The doctors at Skin + Surgery work according to a specialist facelift protocol. The main principles are: minimal swelling, prevention of bruising and limitation of visible scars. Therefore, professional work is done in loosening the top skin layer. In order to also lift the underlying tissue layer (the so-called SMAS layer), the “deep plane technique” is used. This is essential for a long-lasting beautiful and natural result.

The incisions are expertly made in the hairline and natural skin folds of the ear. Blood vessels are taken care of during the procedure to prevent bruising as much as possible.

Special, sturdy facelift sutures are used for a long-lasting lift. The skin is draped and stitched in beautifully and tightly. The procedure is then over. A good compression bandage is applied to minimize swelling and bruising.

After the operation

We will wake you up when the procedure is over. You can then relax in the recovery room. Before you go home, the surgeon will have a look at you and ask how you are doing. You will also receive preventive medication to prevent swelling and infection. With us you will receive all medication from the clinic. You do not have to visit the pharmacy yourself.

On the day after the operation you will be called by the consultant or the surgeon himself for a check-up. In addition, the clinic is available 24 hours a day for emergencies and medical questions.

It is advisable to take it easy for the first week after surgery. During that period you will also come back to checking and removing the stitches. The same surgeon who treated you can tell you when you can resume your daily activities. Keep in mind to avoid vigorous physical activity for the first six weeks, but be presentable for social activities after one to two weeks. The recovery from a facelift takes time, but after a few weeks you often see very good results.

Do you want to know if you are a suitable candidate for a face and / or neck lift? Feel free to contact us and we would love to meet you during a consultation!

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