How do you feel?

Suddenly I get it! Suddenly during my yoga class I get inspiration about “feeling”. And by that I mean feeling in the broadest sense of the word. If someone asks us: “How are you today?” Then we often answer: “Yes, I feel good.” Or “Well, I feel less”. Unconsciously we are constantly busy with feeling. If we want to buy a house, there are, for example, a number of important requirements that a house must meet, such as location, price, number of rooms, whether or not a garden, etc. However, in which house you will ultimately buy, is determined by the feeling that you feel at home. Does the house give you the warmth, love and security you are looking for? Does it feel like “home”?

So everything in life is about feeling! It’s that simple, right or not? The problem is, I think, that we like to feel just the nice things like happiness, love or appreciation. We work very hard for this in our own way. And try to avoid the less pleasant things such as pain, sadness and rejection as much as possible. As Brene Brown puts it so beautifully: We build a shield around us, so as not to feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, this shield works both ways. If you don’t know grief, you can’t feel happiness. You are, as it were, numb in your own shield on the sidelines. Only when something serious happens, for example in the event of illness or death of a loved one, are we shaken up, we experience intense sorrow and then we learn to appreciate life in astonishment. I hear stories every day from clients who went through very difficult times and then really appreciate the little things in life.

Well said all, but how does that work in practice? We don’t all have to go through something serious before we can really appreciate life. It starts, I think, with ourselves when we give ourselves the space to feel. The space to feel the light but also the dark. And to really feel it. After that, the trick is not to linger in the dark, but to pick up the thread again and make beautiful moments.

I see so many beautiful examples around me. Clients who have had difficult times and who ultimately decide to give themselves something good again. That’s why my work is so fantastic and magical. I can make someone feel beautiful again. I can make someone happy again when he or she looks in the mirror. For example, there was a client who went on a date for the first time after her divorce. I naturally filled her lips with a hyaluronic acid filler and this gave her a boost of confidence. Or there was another client who is very happy that she has lost weight, but she is estimated to be older because of the slackening in her face. After her facelift, she sends me her selfie with the widest smile.

And so the circle is closed. The inner is always intertwined with the outer, and vice versa. Skin + Surgery Clinics will soon start with the Soul + Surgery workshops. There is also the possibility to take care of your insides with meditations, coaching, breathing and yoga. This way we can feel even more together. Have you become curious? Sign up for the Soul + Surgery community by sending us an email!

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