How do you get rid of your dark bags?

How good that this question is being asked. We often hear it. You sleep badly, you quickly become dehydrated and you feel less energetic. All of this has affected your body and not just your eyes. At some point you look in the mirror and you have bags under the eyes.

What we recommend here is not a ready-made solution to your puffiness problem, but we believe that different combinations of factors can help you.


  1. Make sure your hormones are in balance and that you have enough rest. Stress increases your cortisol level, causing you to sleep poorly. Relaxing yoga or meditation exercises can restore your sleep and energy levels.


  1. Drink plenty of water and avoid salt. Dark circles are signs of dehydration. Make sure you drink enough 2-3 liters a day and you will see that your body cleans itself.


  1. Laugh a lot, cry little. The swelling under your eyes after crying causes the skin under your eyes to stretch. Since the skin under your eyes is 6x thinner than the rest of your body, the elasticity does not return quickly. You have probably tried several eye creams, if not try eye creams that contain vitamins C and E that nourish and firm the skin. A good eye cream is the A.G.E. eye complex from SkinCeuticals.


  1. Fillers is also a great option as a treatment for the bags under the eyes if there is a clear loss of volume under your eyes. By placing the filler at the area of ​​the bags under the eyes, the skin is better hydrated and it is less likely to sag. Not all bags are suitable for filler treatment. Sometimes a filler can accentuate the bags under the eyes. Get good advice from a cosmetic doctor before you start this treatment.


  1. When the skin under your eyes is very slack and the elasticity does not return, it is a good indication to do a lower eyelid correction. During this procedure, we remove the excess skin and strengthen the underlay, so that the skin under your eyes looks smooth again. Whether an eyelid correction is necessary for you to correct your bags under the eyes depends on the skin weakness and firmness of the underlay. In this case too, it is important to seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon.


Puffiness is a common problem. Fortunately, we can also do a lot about it. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice? You are welcome for a no-obligation consultation.


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