Own your crown: You and the corona virus

You and the corona virus

Never before has our world been turned upside down like this. What once looked like a harmless flu virus is now in the grip of the world. I’m at home. You’re at home. We are all at home. There is a lot of fear and unrest. It happens to all of us and we just have to deal with it. My first reaction was fear. Yes indeed fear! Fear of food, groceries, medicines, fear of the clinic… Will we get a lock down? Will everyone please stay healthy? All the more I realize as a person and as a doctor that now, especially now, there is a need for peace, love and connection. Right now it is important to act from your heart and not from your ego. We all want to feel safe again.

The minor coronavirus made me think a lot. “Who am I? What do I stand for? What is my purpose in life? ” Small questions with big answers. When I feel from my heart I know that I want to help people in every possible way. And in this time of crisis, I don’t help people when I spray wrinkles away. During this time I help people by closing the clinic and by offering my help to my loved ones and the hospital. In this time I help people by spreading positivity and love. Anyone can do the latter, you don’t have to be a doctor for that.

Thousands of thoughts must have been going through your head in recent days. What does your ego say and what does your heart say? Your ego is probably saying something like, “To feel safe, you have to hoard.” It’s great that our ego wants to protect us in this way. But really? Do we feel safer with ten packs of toilet paper? The answer is of course no. Dear people, safety is in your heart. My mantra is: “Safety is here in my heart.” So as long as I follow my heart it’s safe it’s okay.

A word of thanks and respect to our government, the RIVM and all people in the care sector, who are doing everything possible with all their strengths, is appropriate here. Heroes and heroines who stand shoulder to shoulder, without grumbling, without complaining and taking the risk. Thank you.

By sitting at home together, we can reduce the risk of contamination from the corona virus from 1.7 to lower. Simply put: If we do not take measures, someone with corona can infect two people and the number of infections will increase very quickly. Our health care system cannot handle this and so we end up at the point where life and death decisions must be made. By sitting at home, an infected person may be able to infect only one person or not even one person, quickly flattening the curve. And so it may be, without you realizing, that you saved a life today.

Now that we’re at home, we have time. Time we thought we didn’t have before. Before the virus, we were stressed, we were short of ‘me-time’ and we were overstimulated. Perhaps it is good to see this moment as a moment of reflection. A moment to get closer to yourself and to each other. It could just be that after this uncertain time a person arises who realizes that hugging is a necessity of life. And that this is more important than toilet paper. A person who realizes how precious his parents, grandfather and grandmother are. A person who appreciates that the sun is shining, that the air is clear and that every breath is a gift. That person? That’s you. Laugh, enjoy, relax and meditate, it is very good for your defenses. Be positive and strong. Wear your crown with pride. We will get through it together. Really.


Love Thanya

written by dr. Thanya Tha-In, surgeon and cosmetic doctor KNMG at Skin + Surgery Clinics

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