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"She gave me the familiar feeling I had never had before. The peace that she radiates, the time she takes for you ... and especially her honesty '

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'The subtle accentuation of your own beauty leads to the most natural result.'

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'Quality is our passion.'

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We are Skin+Surgery Clinics. We think you are a unique human being who deserves to be his or her very best self. We believe that inner wellness and outer beauty go hand in hand. The moment your body & mind are in balance you will be able to conquer the entire world with your smile.

Skin+Surgery Clinics is a cosmetic clinic specialised in injectables, skin improvement and cosmetic surgery. We listen to your story and with warmth, sympathy and knowledge we will make a treatment plan together based on your wishes. We stand for quality and satisfaction. It’s not without reason that Skin+Surgery Clinics is known to be one of the highest rated clinics of the Netherlands.

You only live once and of course you want to enjoy every single moment, including the moments facing the mirror. Let’s make this life beautiful together.J


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