5 tips for a fresh and radiant spring look

With the sun coming out more often, we really feel those spring jitters coming on! The blossom on the tree, birds chirping merrily and the first crocuses blooming: spring represents a fresh and new beginning. This means that the skin deserves some extra attention too, so you can have beautiful, even and radiant skin this spring and summer.

Literally a "spring skin"

Beautiful skin, for some people very common, for others a dream that seems very far away. There is nothing more attractive than a happy look, especially now that the sun is coming out more often and we go outside more. When this is held back by wrinkles, fine lines or volume loss, it is of course very annoying. Do you look gloomy when you are not? Factors from inside or outside can irritate the skin without you realising it at first. So it is important for everyone to take good care of their skin and irritate it as little as possible. That way, your skin will stay taut longer and you will age more beautifully. In this blog, we give you the golden tips to get the best out of your (spring) skin.

Listen to your skin

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects your body from knocks and external influences such as bacteria and UV rays. In addition, it regulates your body temperature, makes vitamin D and forms a barrier with the outside world so that not too much water and salts are lost. The condition of your skin says a lot about how you are doing, inside and out. So listen to your skin and try to figure out what is not going well in your body or with your skin routine.

Having doubts? Then plan an informal talk in with one of our skin specialists and look together at what your skin needs.


Beautiful skin comes largely from within. Beware of sugars, which accelerate skin ageing. Your face shows how you feel inside; vegetables, fruits and healthy fats (omega 3) actually make your skin very happy.


Especially with spring and summer approaching, optimal hydration is essential. The rise in temperature often causes us to sweat more. Water makes up 60% of your body and to prevent skin ageing it is better to keep it at the right level. Drink enough water and use moisturising skincare products, such as our Hydrating B5 en Hydrating B5 Masque.

Take care with the sun

Oh how lovely it is, the sun on your face, the wind through your hair...But however nice the sun is, it is not good for your skin. Nowadays, dermatologists and the KWF advise against sunbathing for hours on end, but if you do go out in the sun, make sure you apply a sunscreen with safe sun filters. Unfortunately, most sunscreens do more good than harm. You really don't need to apply factor 50 or sun block, the most important thing is to reapply your sun product every 2 hours. For your face, we recommend the sun protection of Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic. This anti-ageing sunscreen provides the skin with high protection when exposed to UV rays. It also helps prevent premature skin ageing. It recovers and protects the skin from the effects of photoaging: spots, fine lines and dehydration.


Perfume can be wonderful, and we are used to all skin and hair care smelling nice, but is that scent really necessary and does it add anything? Unfortunately, the answer is no: perfume, aroma, essential oils, and natural perfumes are not good for the skin and can even cause faster skin ageing. Perfume can also cause pigmentation. So spray your favourite fragrance in your hair or on your clothes instead of in your skincare.

Free advice

Do you have questions based on our blog or would you like more information? Our specialists will be happy to help you and give appropriate advice based on your wishes to prepare you as well as possible for treatment. We welcome you to our clinic in The Hague or Bergschenhoek (Rotterdam). You can contact us by phone at 070 - 200 20 70 (Available daily until 10pm).

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5 tips for a fresh and radiant spring look

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