New branch of Skin + Surgery Clinics Bergschenhoek

ergschenhoek - Skin+Surgery Clinics is moving to new premises in Bergschenhoek. The cosmetic clinic for injectables, cosmetic surgery and skin improvement will open its new location in December. 'We are particularly proud of this beautiful premises, where we have created a place to just unwind'.  


Although Skin+Surgery Clinics was happily housed in the centre of Rotterdam for years, they have outgrown their premises. At the new location on Leeuwenhoekweg in Bergschenhoek, there is more space to further expand the cosmetic clinic concept. Thus, a second skin centre will be opened in addition to injectables and cosmetic surgery. The first skin centre was recently opened in The Hague.

Skin centre for skin improvement

At the skin centre, the Advanced Medical Spa is dedicated to skin improvement. The skin is optimised through various treatments such as a luxurious beauty treatment, connective tissue massage, chemical peeling and microneedling. This involves the use of SkinCeuticals' innovative products.


Cosmetic surgery and skin optimisation

Skin+Surgery Clinics Bergschenhoek will be a place where surgeons and cosmetic doctors, as well as skin therapists and beauticians, will work together. This will allow you to complement a cosmetic procedure with a luxury skin treatment, which will enhance the result. SkinCeuticals products will also be on sale, to accentuate and prolong the effect.


Balance between inner and outer

Skin+Surgery Clinics' philosophy is based on the fact that you have to see the body as a whole. A balance between the inner and outer. The clinic therefore pays attention to inner well-being, through dietary supplements, lifestyle advice and breathing therapy. 'When you step into our clinic, it's a moment for you. A moment where you can unwind with a cup of tea and unwind. Together, we make sure you become the best version of yourself. Inside and out.' This is what makes the new cosmetic clinic in Bergschenhoek unique.

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