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Hello Oslo Skin Lab, hello beautiful skin!

As you age, your skin decreases in elasticity and volume, creating fine lines and wrinkles. This is part of the process of getting older, also known as skin ageing. But don't worry, Oslo Skin Lab provides support to slow down this process and enjoy youthful skin for as long as possible. A fresh look gives more self-confidence, making you feel (literally and figuratively) more comfortable in your own skin. The solution is in a bag.


What does collagen do for your skin?

Collagen is a protein that keeps our skin healthy and firm. Our body has a large supply of collagen which decreases with age. You probably guessed it: the less collagen you produce, the less volume you will have in your face, making your skin less tight and causing wrinkles. Did you know that this process accelerates when you smoke, drink and when exposed to UV. Nowadays, everyone wants to look youthful and maintain a fresh look, there is definitely a good solution for this.


You can boost this by consuming collagen-stimulating products such as berries, citrus fruits and legumes, lubricating collagen-rich products and taking supplements alongside your normal diet.


When should you start taking extra collagen?

As you age, collagen in the skin will decrease. This starts roughly when you are in your 20s and decreases by 1% per year. So this does not mean you should only start taking action later in life. You can boost this at 'younger' ages to maintain elasticity and volume for longer.


The benefits of collagen powder

It is important to take good care of our skin both inside and out. If you want to support your skin, we recommend taking extra collagen. This can do no harm and gives no side effects. We briefly list the benefits:

- Helps maintain skin elasticity
- Makes face and body skin smoother, softer and more supple
- Ensures smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and lines
- Has a proven effect on cellulite visibility


Be aware that your body needs some time before it is stimulated. The effect will vary from person to person and will be gradual. Tip: Take a picture before you start, after several weeks and after several months. Because you look in the mirror several times a day, you may not notice the difference right away. You can always compare the photos side by side to see the difference.


Goodbye big pots

Goodbye big jars of pills that take up a lot of space and hello small handy packs that fit in anywhere. In collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab, to support the skin with our Sculptra, Profhilo and Wire Lift treatments, we will be bringing along an Oslo Skin Lab pack. No longer in a large pack, but in handy pouches that easily fit in your bag. Ideal if you're on the move a lot. (It also comes with a nice personal discount code!)


Oslo Skin Lab supports the skin

The Solution by Oslo Skin Lab is a collagen powder that smoothes your skin, helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Also nice to know that this collagen powder contains no additives such as fragrances or flavourings and you can easily mix it into your drink or oatmeal, without tasting foul. A real plus in our opinion.




Give your skin extra support, the supplement comes in a sachet. Want to know more about Oslo Skin Lab's collagen powder? Feel free to drop by or contact us. We will be happy to give you advice.

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