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She was already one of the best surgeons in the Netherlands at a young age, but she did not get any satisfaction from her profession. Dr. Thanya Tha-In exchanged vascular surgery for the cosmetic sector and opened her own clinic Skin + Surgery. Those who just want to come by for a shot of Botox are welcome, but Thanya and her team of cosmetic doctors, skin therapists, coaches and yoga instructors offer more: “There is a story behind every question. It’s not my job to just paint away a wrinkle. It starts with listening carefully and paying a lot of attention to both motivation and expectations. ” Nowadays Thanya gets satisfaction from her profession every day. “Over the past five years, I have set up the clinic exactly as I think it is important. This is Thanya and this is what I want to do. ”

Zen. That is the first thing that comes to mind when you enter the large white building of Skin + Surgery in Bergschenhoek. The candles are burning. The large sofa invites to a moment of rest. There are magazines on the large table. The spacious windows provide wonderful light. Flowers wave on the screen and relaxing music plays in the background. In the back are large mirrors in which you could see yourself from head to toe, but that is something you could also leave to the trained eye of Dr. Thanya Tha-In. Anyone who reads the reviews on cliniekervaringen.nl cannot ignore it: This doctor takes the time for you, listens to your story and looks at you with the eyes of a woman and an experienced doctor to help you achieve the best possible of your wish.

From surgeon to cosmetic doctor, how did that happen?

“My interest in cosmetic medicine has always been there. I just love beautiful things and wanted to do something with my hands. That’s why I chose surgery first. Vascular surgery, because I wanted to master the most difficult type of surgery. If you can, you can operate on anything. As a surgeon you have very little contact with people. At the most, it is to stop by for a short story, such as “You have appendicitis and I am going to operate on you. Here I make a slice and tomorrow you can go home. “That is not human contact for me. I wanted to set up a cosmetic clinic with a lot of attention for the people. This resulted in many surprised reactions from colleagues. How are you going to open a cosmetic clinic? You can operate, right? Do you have a burnout? Is it too much for you? Actually, it was kind of looked down upon. Everyone thought it was a shame. Sin, why? I always had to explain myself. Luckily I don’t have to do that anymore. This is who I am, this is what I do and this is how I want to do it. ” “The nice thing is that I now have two medical specialties as titles. I am a surgeon and cosmetic doctor KNMG. This is unique in the Netherlands and I am very proud of it. ”

What makes your approach so different?

“I wanted to focus on the personal story behind a client’s question. That went very naturally because I myself am also very influenced by how I feel. If I am not feeling well, I suddenly see only wrinkles in myself and then I also want to have everything done. I have been doing this job for ten years now, advising and treating people, but sometimes also deciding not to treat someone. Because I feel blockages where I notice that inner work is first needed before we change anything on the outside. A good example is a forty-year-old woman who wanted to have a wrinkle sprayed on her cheek. I look at the big picture, the symmetry, the slackening, but it was only focused on that one wrinkle. It was the wrinkle she’d gotten from her divorce and she called it her divorce wrinkle. That confirmed to me that there is a story behind every question. And that there must also be attention for that story in order to really help. I wanted to be able to offer more guidance in this and that is why we recently set up Soul + Surgery. That is a collaboration with psychologists and coaches who can provide support if necessary. ”

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You are in front of your face but you are going to do something with your mind?

“That is possible, but it can also be both. What I notice is that the step to do something with yourself also does something with your psyche. Even if it is only to have Botox injected. Some people think they will never do that around the age of 20, start thinking about it around their thirties and when friends start doing it too, they want to know more about it. Good guidance is also needed. People also really want to know about me: do I need it or not? It is so important to give good advice about that. We don’t actually treat many people under thirty here. They come by, I have a nice conversation with them, but usually nothing else. They don’t need anything yet. What matters to me is knowing what clients’ expectations are. What they want to achieve with the treatment. And especially that they do it for themselves. There are strong emotions involved in all matters of appearance. Feeling good about yourself is so important. When people do it for themselves and with the right treatment they also get a part of themselves back, that is enormous empowerment. You make someone more beautiful, happier and stronger. ”

What changes in the face with age?

“Bone resorption, or your skull shrinks, loosening your skin. The condition of your skin changes. The skin becomes weaker and less elastic. You lose fat and volume and get more sagging and shade. That often gives a somewhat tired look. Your lips narrow. The distance from your upper lip to your nose becomes longer. A lot changes in your face. If you catch that subtly and in small amounts, you have a very beautiful and natural result. But as long as you keep solving that by spraying a lot of volume in the cheeks, as was the trend for a while, then we’ll all have those bloated cheeks.

Those cheeks… how is it possible that great artists such as Madonna or Famke Janssen have gone so far to an unnatural result? Is Europe at the forefront of a subtle approach?

“Certainly, but what also plays a role is that cosmetic medicine is a young profession and doctors are also developing in their profession. Madonna is now sixty and she probably started around thirty. Until about five years ago it was normal to spray a lot of volume. The more the better. You can’t keep doing that because at some point you lose the proportions in your face. A shame, because beautiful things should not be made any less beautiful. It is important to age gracefully and with too much botox and fillers that is not the case. Then there must be a different action plan. That is also what I do here. People come for certain treatments and sometimes they are told a completely different proposal. I explain what happens in the face and what the possibilities are. Then I make a plan for them and then it is up to the client whether she wants this or not. I am in favor of taking plenty of time to think because after all, it is your face. If you don’t like that, it will do a lot to you. If you are doing a treatment, you must be fully informed and support it. ”

What do you look at first?-

“I find symmetry interesting and I look at light and shadow in someone’s face. A standard face is not pretty. Neither is a completely symmetrical face. A slight asymmetry arouses interest and too high a distraction. By the way, I really have an eyebrow tic. That’s the very first thing I look at. To the eyes and eyebrows. You can prick standard botox and then that area will just be smooth. But you can also look at how someone’s eyebrows are and take that into account. Those eyebrows are so defining and the list of your eyes. The eyes speak most about how you feel. Eyebrows, eyes, then cheekbones. Lips, I actually only look at them last. ”

When women enter menopause, the changes are often very rapid. How do you support that process?

“When your estrogen level drops, a lot changes. Your state of mind, how you feel, but also your bones and your skin. You can partly overcome this with good nutrition, sports, hormone supplements and keep your skin in good condition with hydration. With hyaluronic acid, for example, that’s very important. And in addition anti-oxidants, skin boosters and, depending on your face, fillers. When there is a lot of sagging of the skin, you can opt for a surgical procedure, but in some cases a thread lift is enough to tighten the jawline and encourage the skin to produce more collagen. This thread lift was out of favor for a while because doctors placed it without specific training for it. Then you can get infections. Or you don’t see it because too few wires are used, that is also possible. I have been doing this treatment for five years and can shape it very precisely. It is an interim solution if you do not want an invasive procedure such as a facelift but your skin is already a bit weaker. The condition is that your skin is still able to produce collagen. A thread lift provides definition and reinforcement. Another treatment that can give great results in this target group is an eyelid correction. For men too; if they come for such treatment, it is usually much more needed. By the time they ask for help, the eyelids are usually hanging far over their eyes. What I recommend to women in this phase is of course very personal. Both the treatments and the lifestyle that goes with it. Because you can of course eat or smoke unhealthy, but that has a negative influence. By taking good care of yourself, the result will also be better. I cannot say to everyone “you should drink vegetable juices or eat vegan” because that is a choice everyone has to make for themselves. When I worked in the hospital I ate very unhealthy. There simply was no time. A quick plate of pasta when you got home, or a sandwich in between. Fast carbohydrates and then another dip. Now that I have more time to study nutrition and eat differently, I feel fitter and better. It really is a lifestyle. And yes, of course, we basically have a botox clinic, but we’re much broader than that. That’s why we set up Soul + Surgery. ”

The addition of Soul Surgery is very unique. What are you going to offer?

“We are expanding our team with coaches and therapists. But also with breathing therapy and yoga. Those who want to participate can register for it. We work in small groups. What matters is that we pay attention to both the outside and the inside. Who you are as a person and what your story is, that may also have a place. For example, soon have a Selflove workshop. Here you learn, for example, how to love yourself more and how to forgive yourself.

It has become second nature for me to take good care of my insides and that is exactly the addition I want to give here at the clinic. ”

How do you create your happiness?

“My boyfriend Dennis and I live in Kijkduin, near the beach. We have a dog and we often walk with it through the dunes. Nice and close to nature, the sea breeze, the beach, that makes me very happy. I love the nature. I was born in Chiang Rai and grew up among the rice fields. My mother remarried, so my sister and I moved to the Netherlands. I was ten at the time. If I had stayed in Thailand I probably wouldn’t have become the doctor I am today. I am very grateful for that. Emotionally, the move has done a lot. You will be uprooted anyway, suddenly put down in the Netherlands. I found that I was very perfectionic in everything I did but still lacked that satisfaction. I always missed something. Even though I was the best in class, or year of training, or did the most difficult operations, the satisfaction was lacking. For a long time I wondered why that was, but of course it has to do with the past, this uprooting. Now that I’m 40, I feel like I’m really grounding. Not so much in the Netherlands but more in who I am. And in the clinic that I have set up. Because this is all that I stand for as a person. Just like the team that works here. Ultimately, life is all about love and connection. When you feel loved, when you feel that you belong, it gives you a good feeling. And that’s how I deal with life, with my friends, colleagues and all the people around me. ”

What do you do if a client does not want to talk but only wants to be treated?

“If you are genuinely interested in someone’s story, such a conversation is very natural. There is no trick and nothing should be done. Recently a lady came here for a complete facelift. Actually, she wanted to make almost anything I got on my list. Then I want to know the reason for such a comprehensive question and say, “I can, I am the surgeon and I can do this but I want to get to know you first. Which is why you want this done and what you expect from it. Because I know from experience that it is important that we have that clear so that you will soon be satisfied with the result. “She said that her husband had just died and she was in the middle of a grieving process that made her think,” And now I will do all this. ‘. It didn’t seem like the right time to me and asked her for some more time and the opportunity to talk about it again. After two months, she said she was glad she hadn’t had it done at the time. It’s about the timing, your mindset and if you come up with the feeling that you are really ready, that’s great. But if you’re doing it to forget something or to numb yourself, that’s not a good reason. ”

In the past you did not have satisfaction in your work? Does it give you energy now?

“I have a lot of satisfaction. This is what I really want to do. In terms of energy, that is variable. It all depends on who I saw that day and how those conversations went. My perfectionism is still a trap. I can be very sorry if someone is not 100% satisfied. But, end of the day, I am happy with my choice and happy with myself as a person. I always want to keep developing myself. You only have one life and you have to find a nice balance in it. I don’t always have that either, I am always looking. I think everyone is. ”


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