The popularity of Asian eyelid surgery in Cosmetic Surgery

A double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian eyelid surgery, is also becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. Especially in Asia, women embrace this procedure to refine their aesthetics and remedy discomforts such as heavy eyelids or monolids, which give them a tired look. Despite its growing popularity, questions surrounding the procedure remain. In this blog, we would like to give you more information on the physical and aesthetic benefits of Asian eyelid surgery. Please note that a qualified doctor/surgeon KNMG must perform this procedure, with all risks and benefits to be carefully discussed.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation: Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

The most obvious aesthetic benefits of a Asian eyelid surgery are to create an open and more youthful appearance. By removing excess skin and creating a crease in the upper eyelid, the eye contour is opened up. As a more open and fresher look is created, self-confidence can also grow as a result. Please note, everyone is unique and has a different eye shape and appearance, therefore keep in mind that the result is different for each person.

Physical reasons for Asian eyelid surgery

A physical benefit of the procedure is improving vision. Pendulous eyelids can obstruct vision and cause shadows on the face. A Asian eyelid surgery can enhance vision by creating a crease that lifts the eyelid when the eye opens. This can serve medical as well as cosmetic purposes. During a no-obligation consultation, our specialist will give appropriate advice based on your wishes, discuss a realistic result and go through the before-and-after care with you. After the consultation, there is room to take the step with us towards a fresher and more open look.

Asian eyelid surgery: unique surgical technique

There are different types of upper-member folds and there may be cultural preferences for the appearance and shape of the fold. Prior to surgery, our surgeon carefully measures where the fold should be located. The procedure is performed using the open technique (also known as incisional technique). The surgeon makes an incision parallel to the lash line, just above the fold desired, and removes a crescent-shaped strip of skin and excess adipose tissue. Several internal stitches suture the incised skin to the aponeurosis to fix the fold. The skin is then sutured together with a surface suture.


This is the most reliable and effective technique, and almost everyone is a candidate for it. It gives a permanent crease and the scar falls into the crease making it minimally visible. Keep in mind that Asian eyelid surgery has a longer recovery time than an regular eyelid surgery. The first few weeks the area will be swollen, then you will have to be patient for several months until the final result is really visible.

Aesthetic benefits for men

Also among men is a Asian eyelid surgery very popular. The most aesthetic benefits for men are a more defined appearance, improved expression facial expression, and self-confidence apply both men and women.

Personalised tailor-made advice

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