When the sun shines, you shine back

The weather gods had predicted it and so it went. The first weekend of June we reached almost tropical temperatures in the Netherlands, which resulted in traffic jams from the Kurhaus to the Scheveningse Bosjes. Many sun worshipers enthusiastically headed to the beach to get some vitamin D. In our western culture it is nice to have a tan. I will honestly admit that I too can enjoy the sun enormously, but as a skin therapist I still get ruddy cheeks when I hear someone say: today a tomato, tomorrow a chocolate. Is it still so unknown what effects sunlight has on the skin?


A little bit of sunlight is absolutely good for humans. Research has even shown that UV radiation has a beneficial effect on various skin, bone and muscle diseases and depression. There is also growing evidence that sunlight reduces the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer and MS. But, everything in moderation.


Light has an important influence on our skin, both in the development of skin disorders and in the therapy of certain skin diseases. Everyone has experienced the negative effects of UV radiation in sunlight. If your skin gets too much UV for too long, it will cause sunburn. The skin becomes red and painful. Worse, blisters may appear and you may feel very ill. With redness, the skin is already damaged. The best thing to do then is to soothe the skin. A nice mask is the Phyto Corrective Mask from SkinCeuticals, which I like to put in the fridge in the summer months for extra cooling! A nice addition to this is the Phyto Corrective Gel, a hydrating and calming serum (which I like so much that I just use it all year round). But, did you also know that UV has a direct harmful effect on the collagen in the skin? In addition, certain enzymes are produced under the influence of this radiation that stimulate the breakdown of collagen and elastin. There will be symptoms such as premature skin aging, increased wrinkling, permanent redness, vessels and pigmentation spots. This is precisely something we do not want!



The skin protects itself against UV radiation in various ways. Under the influence of UV, the skin becomes thicker within a few days. This allows the light to be reflected better. The skin also produces pigment under the influence of UV. Certain pigment cells become active and, as it were, make parasols that protect the cell nuclei. This is so important because the DNA lies in our cell nuclei.


Your skin gets a lot to last when it protects you from the effects of the sun. Offering support is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. Can I give you a tip? I use a vitamin C serum (CE-Ferulic) from SkinCeuticals every day. This protects my skin against the effects of UV radiation, infrared radiation and air pollution. In addition, my skin gets a nice glow and I get a lot of compliments that my face radiates! The skin can also use some help from within. For example, certain foods have the properties to help protect the skin from the effects of harmful UV rays. Choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. A nice addition to this is the Skin Protect from Laviesage. These supplements contain a range of powerful antioxidants that help protect against the effects of pollution and sunlight and contribute to normal skin pigmentation.

During my consultation I hear from many clients that they would like to use an anti-sun cream, but cannot find a nice product. It is indeed important to protect your skin against UV every day, because even on a cloudy day the skin can burn! My favourite product is the Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 from SkinCeuticals. This is a moisturising UV protection that can be used as daily care.


We can also treat your skin well in the summer months and limit the negative effects of sunlight. Due to a thickening of the skin, which is beneficial for UV protection, there is a greater chance of impurities. This is partly because the sebum can no longer come out properly. At first it will seem as if the impurities diminish in the summer months. However, often an eruption occurs in the autumn. To prevent this, it is important to ensure that the layer with dead skin cells remains nice and thin in the summer months. How can you ensure that? With a chemical peel! Yes, this is also possible in the summer months, of course with the right guidance. Despite the good protection, do you still suffer from pigmentation spots? We can also improve this. At Skin + Surgery Clinics in The Hague and Bergschenhoek we can work on radiant skin all year round!

By Lianne van Diggelen, Skin therapist at Skin + Surgery Clinics

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