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All employees of Skin + Surgery Clinics always strive to achieve the best results and provide the best service. If there’s anything you’re dissatisfied with, we’d love to hear about it. We always take complaints very seriously because your good experience is of importance and we always want to continue to improve.


If you do have a complaint and you cannot come together with your treating physician, or someone from our staff, Skin + Surgery Clinics has a clear complaints procedure. Your complaint will always be taken into consideration.


The most dear we will talk to you (personally, by phone or by mail) about what you are not satisfied with. You can also download a form (see below) with which you can get your complaint with us without a call. You can also make an anonymous complaint or an improvement suggestion. Request this form via, via one of our employees or click on the link below. Within two weeks we try to handle the complaint satisfactorily.

If there is no agreement, we will put you in touch with our independent complaints officer. According to the WKKGZ (quality, Complaints and Litigation Care Act) We are affiliated to a complaints and dispute settlement. We have accommodated this by the ministry accredited and independent DOKh.


Handeling of complaints

Complaints Officer will talk to you and is your first reception for complaints. Throughout the entire process, you will be supported by this complaint officer. You will get advice here and you can contact us with all your questions. If necessary, you can also get help in writing your complaint. If everything is clear, you will work with the complaints officer to find a solution. The first option here is usually complaint mediation. You can indicate whether you are open.



Most complaints can be solved in a conversation where an impartial mediator sits at a table. If both the physician and the patient are open to mediation, a first mediation can usually take place within two weeks. The complaints officer is then the mediator. During the talks, both parties will be asked to provide explanations of the events. When the concept grows over and over again, there is usually a situation in which both parties come closer together. The ultimate goal is to restore the relationship between you and the Doctor again.



  • Complaints mediation, complaint handling and assistance from the complaints officer are free of charge for you as a patient.
  • Only when both parties agree on this is the mediation a success
  • Mutual respect and trust must be the starting point for mediation.
  • All parties involved in the mediation are subject to a confidentiality obligation and are very careful about your privacy at you can download the full complaints procedure.


If you do not agree with the complaints officer?

If you cannot agree with mediation, you will be supported by the complaints officer at the next step. Your complaint will not be a dispute. You will be charged a fee to conduct a dispute. In this case, you can contact:


Stichting DOKh

Complaints and Disputes Department

Kwakelkade 21f

From 10 April 2017:

Robijnstraat 6
Tel: 072 – 520 83 25


We hope that there is no need for official complaint handling. They are time-consuming procedures that usually come with a lot of negative energy. Misunderstandings and miscommunication are usually the cause of a complaint. We would like to do everything we can to prevent this.

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