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It can be quite bothersome—especially if you don't feel tired. An eyelid correction restores that refreshed, youthful look from before. With lower and/or upper eyelid correction, you'll see results very quickly. Even any headache complaints may diminish.

An eyelid correction is a relatively minor procedure, but with significant results: you'll be looking at the world with an open gaze again. How wonderful it is when that headache disappears, your field of vision expands, your makeup stays in place again, and when others say: you look so refreshed! That's what an eyelid correction can do for you.

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Surgical technique

In addition to excess skin, there is often excess muscle and fat tissue. As you age, in addition to skin, muscle also slackens, giving fatty tissue room to come forward.

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Brighten your eyes package

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired, even if you are rested and have had enough sleep. Another annoying side effect is that you start pulling your eyebrows a lot to literally 'hold up' your eyelids.

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Your care path in one app!

Step into the world of personalised guidance and care with the innovative SkinSurgery Clinics app. In collaboration with Caro Health, SkinSurgery Clinics has developed a platform to continue providing the professional support you have come to expect from us, but in one secure environment.

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How does this treatment work?


Consultation with doctor


Consultation with doctor

An eyelid correction is always preceded by a no-obligation consultation. In a personal meeting with our surgeons in a relaxed setting, you can ask all your questions, discuss your wishes and express your expectations about the treatment.

Our dedicated specialist will assess your eligibility for upper and/or lower eyelid correction and provide clear explanations about the treatment, aftercare, risks, costs and the expected natural end result. Photographs will be taken before treatment and later placed next to post-treatment photographs.

We fully understand how you feel. Eyelid surgery is a procedure you may have been thinking about for years and now finally dare to take the step. We are happy to guide you through the process from A to Z. With a specially developed after-care protocol, you will recover smoothly with minimal swelling and bruising.

Have you become curious or have personal questions for the surgeon? Book a no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to talk to you.





In an upper eyelid correction to correct drooping eyelids, the eyelids are first marked off. The scar falls precisely in the crease of the eye, making it barely visible later.

An upper eyelid correction is performed under local anaesthetic during a day surgery. Should you be very nervous before the procedure, we can prescribe sedative medication. It is important that you feel comfortable during the procedure. The eyelids are numbed with a prick, in the skin of the eyelids.

Besides removing excess skin, it may also be necessary to remove excess muscle. Of course, this does not affect the function of the eye as it involves excess muscle.

To ensure natural and long-lasting results, it is sometimes necessary to also remove some fat. If we were to leave excess fat, it is going to cause sagging of the eyelids again. Also, you will continue to have thick, puffy eyes which becomes more prominent if you remove the excess skin but don't take the fat with it.

After the excess skin, any excess muscle and, if necessary, excess fat is removed, you will be skillfully sutured again. The eyelids are sutured with one continuous, insoluble suture. The scar later falls nicely into the crease so that it is minimally visible.

You will not be allowed to remove the stitches yourself. You will come for a check-up after one week so that we can see how you are doing. This is also the time when the stitches are removed. This is painless and done in no time.

An upper eyelid correction is a relatively simple and painless treatment that takes about 45 minutes. You can go home after the procedure and after a short rest period. You should not drive your own car because of the swelling around the eyes and the resulting reduced vision.

The treatment has long-term results. Depending on the shape of your eyes, you will enjoy eyelid correction for at least 10 to 15 years. With a healthy lifestyle and good skin care, you will get the most out of the treatment.





Your aftercare is our care. We work with a specially developed aftercare protocol so that you recover smoothly with minimal risk of complications.

You may shower one day after the procedure and rinse your eyes with a gentle jet. Pat the treatment area dry with a towel, without rubbing. Immediately after the eyelid surgery, start cooling the eyelids to reduce swelling and redness. Cool the wound for 15 minutes every hour with cooling goggles, placing a gauze between your eyes and the cooling goggles. For the first few days, sleep with an extra pillow so that your head is higher. In case of mild pain, a paracetamol is sufficient.

In the first week, do not perform any strenuous physical activity, such as heavy physical work, lifting, bending or intense sports. The stitches will be removed after 7 to 9 days. Smoking is not recommended until then. After 2 to 3 weeks, the wounds will be completely closed and the scabs will disappear. You may again apply make-up and wear contact lenses. You will visit the doctor for check-ups up to 6 weeks after the eyelid surgery. Keep your treated eyelids out of bright sunlight and do not go under a sunbed or to the sauna for the first 3 months.





Eyelid surgery is a small and relatively simple procedure, with no major risks or risk of complications. It is normal to see redness, swelling and bruising around the eyes after treatment. You may experience mild post-treatment pain that passes on its own or with a paracetamol. Occasionally, complications occur, such as post-operative haemorrhage, eye inflammation, numbness of the eyelid margin, uneven eyelids, cysts or scarring. When in doubt, always contact the specialists at Skin + Surgery Clinics.

Eyelid surgery Skin Surgery

Radiant with an eyelid correction

You deserve to shine every moment of the day. A tired or gloomy appearance can make you feel less comfortable in your own skin. Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes are often the cause. Besides the aesthetic aspect, drooping eyelids can also limit your vision and cause headaches. Are people asking you more often if you're tired? Or do you want to get rid of that eternal headache? An eyelid correction ensures a fresh and rested look. You'll radiate again. The doctors at SkinSurgery Clinics are specialists in performing this procedure. Our team guides you through the entire process. With a specially developed aftercare protocol, you'll recover quickly after your procedure with minimal swelling and bruising. For us, a natural result is paramount. The outside world won't notice the procedure; they'll only see you shining. We have branches in The Hague, Bergschenhoek, and Rotterdam. The Hague en Bergschenhoek en Rotterdam.

Upper eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery

Our eyelid surgery results

Read the experiences of many women and men who previously underwent this at our clinic. We therefore take great pride in our service and guidance throughout the entire process. From the moment you enter the clinic to the final check-up. This is why we are happy to share reviews from clients who have undergone eyelid surgery at SkinSurgery Clinics. You can find the reviews at Clinic experiences.

Anonymous - Pubic lip surgery


The doctor and assistant are super sweet, put you at ease and also very knowledgeable. The app of skin+surgery is also very nice to keep track of the recovery and you can always contact them with questions

Mandy - Verified

Excellent service

I was 1000% pleased with the treatment. I was very well talked through everything and put at ease. I can't say anything about the end result yet, because I'm still wearing patches.

Addie - Verified


Anaesthetic unpleasant but everything painless afterwards. Fine and friendly guidance. Quiet environment with pleasant staff.


A nice and familiar feeling

She gave me the familiar feeling I had not had before this. The calmness she exudes, the time she takes for you and her honesty.

Marianne Verified

Very pleasant experience

The intake was very pleasant, time was taken and clear explanations given. The correction was done in a pleasant atmosphere and I am very happy with the result. Aftercare is also done carefully and with attention. I benefited a lot from the app. All my questions were answered there and I was given good instructions.

Eyelid surgery

Prices and fees

SkinSurgery Clinics is transparent in its prices. Costs depend on the treatment, prices include pre- and after-care. Sometimes eyelid surgery is reimbursed for medical reasons. Inquire about the possibilities with your health insurer.

Upper eyelid surgery bilateral - skin resection 690
Upper eyelid surgery both sides - skin resection and adjusting muscle 900
Upper eyelid surgery both sides - skin resection | muscle | fat pockets adjustment 1000
Lower eyelid surgery both sides - skin resection 1800
Lower eyelid surgery both sides | skin resection | loosening arcus and | repositioning 1950
Lower eyelid surgery both sides | skin resection | muscle | fat pocket adjustment | lift 2200
Upper and lower eyelid surgery | loosening arcus | muscle | fat repositioning 2800
Upper and lower eyelid surgery 2300
Asian double eyelid incl. pre- and aftercare package 1800

Drs Wong is a true all-rounder within Skin+Surgery Clinics. She is a perfectionist and always strives to achieve the most beautiful result. "I gained my experience in general surgery and plastic surgery. During my cosmetic medicine training, things kept coming up, allowing me to broaden my horizons. Within Skin+Surgery, I have specialised in injectables and surgical treatments."

Drs. Leanne Wong

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Dr Tessa Drijkoningen is a passionate and skilled cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. In addition to her extensive experience as a doctor of surgery and plastic surgery, she also holds a doctorate in plastic surgery. Dr Tessa always treats her clients holistically to maintain a beautiful and natural appearance.

Dr Tessa Drijkoningen

Cosmetic Doctor

Drs Beekman is a passionate and skilled cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. She works very precisely and always strives for the most natural result. The cosmetic aspect of medicine has always interested her because of the fine dexterity and precise way of working. Drs Vivian Beekman likes to highlight all facets of cosmetic medicine. "Within Skin+Surgery, these facets come together nicely, which has allowed me to specialise in injectables and surgical treatments such as eyelid correction."

Drs Vivian Beekman

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician
Dr Tha-In SkinSurgery Clinics

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is one of the founders of Skin + Surgery Clinics and studied medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. With care and attention, she explains the possibilities to you and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but equally to surgery.

Dr Thanya Tha-In

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician & Surgeon

Dr Kristel Woltman is a cosmetic surgeon as well as a general surgeon. She not only likes to make people more beautiful, she also likes to make them better. Her treatments regularly have a medical reason. Dr Kristel is a perfectionist and driven doctor. She values natural results: "I believe that everyone is unique, and I want to keep it that way. After all, I don't like plastic fantastic."

Dr Kristel Woltman

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Dr Lara van de Lande is a perfectionist and driven cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. Besides her extensive experience as a doctor of surgery and plastic surgery, she also has a PhD in scientific research on congenital facial abnormalities and their treatments.

Dr Lara van de Lande

Cosmetic Doctor

Drs. Aletta de Wit is a true all-rounder within SkinSurgery Clinics. Drs Aletta de Wit is our specialist when it comes to wrinkle treatments and treatments aimed at restoring contours and volume loss in the face. She does this using injectables and PDO threads as well as skin-enhancing treatments with skin boosters and peels. Drs Aletta de Wit looks closely at your face, listens to your personal wishes and provides honest advice in what suitable options are available to subtly optimise the proportions of your face and bring it back into harmony for a fresh, youthful appearance.

Drs Aletta de Wit

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Drs Amra Sabanovic is an all-round cosmetic doctor, in every treatment she can express her creativity to achieve the most beautiful and long-lasting results. The Liquid Facelift treatment and Labia correction are her favourite treatment which she performs frequently. At Skin + Surgery clinics, she is the real expert. 'I personally find a full face treatment the most beautiful treatment to perform. It really gives a fresher and younger look, which you see good effects of for a longer period of time.' It is a nice step on giving the face a subtle lift where you see immediate results.

Drs Amra Sabanovic

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Drs Suzanne van Soest is a highly skilled and passionate cosmetic doctor with an undeniable dedication and passion for beauty. With her extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine, she has built a reputation as a reliable and experienced specialist in her field.

Drs Suzanne van Soest

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Free eyelid analysis

Are you interested in eyelid surgery but unsure if you have the right indication? Our cosmetic doctors/surgeons give honest and personal advice based on your supplied photos. After the online advice, we will be happy to invite you for a no-obligation consultation tailored to your needs.

Eyelid surgery

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that is not answered? Feel free to contact us Monday to Sunday, between 08:00 and 22:00, at the following number or email.

Post-treatments and check-ups after eyelid surgery

After 7-9 days, the stitches and plasters will be removed during the check-up appointment.
Up to 6 weeks after surgery, you will see your treating physician for check-ups.

What else can you do to combat swelling after eyelid surgery?

To minimise swelling after eyelid surgery, it is important to cool down properly. In addition, you can consider lymphatic drainage to help drain the wound fluid that develops after eyelid surgery during the healing process.


In preparation for your eyelid surgery, if you maximally activate the lymphatic system and completely empty the lymphatic sponge, this system can absorb and drain the subcutaneous fluid, which can cause much less swelling.


The recommended lymph drainage schedule for an eyelid correction is 3 preparatory drains before and 3 post-treatments after the eyelid correction. The drainage is a low-pressure treatment that allows safe treatment soon after the eyelid correction.

Our advice after treatment

You will experience the least swelling after surgery if you sleep with an extra pillow so that your head is higher than the rest of your body.
During the first week after surgery, try not to bend over, lift heavily, cough and push. Postpone (intensive) sports for a fortnight and do not wear lenses and make-up either. Do not put anything on the eyelids and try not to rub them. After about a week, when all the scabs have come off, you can start using the scar cream we gave you.

Aftercare after eyelid surgery

Due to our many years of experience in performing eyelid corrections, we work with a special pre- and aftercare protocol. This way, you are optimally prepared and recover without complications.

Usually, pain relief with paracetamol is sufficient after surgery.
We advise you not to drive a car on the day of surgery and as long as your vision is obstructed.

You should not use contact lenses for 2 weeks. You can use make-up again after removing the sutures, when all scabs have disappeared.
We advise you not to smoke until the sutures are removed. Smoking increases the risk of complications. We advise you not to expose the scars to UV sunlight and/or tanning beds for 3 months after surgery.

What can you expect after treatment?

Often you have been considering eyelid surgery for some time, but when you actually take the step is different for everyone. If you look in the mirror and find that you have a gloomy or tired look, even when you are well rested, you may have already considered doing something about it. Eyelid surgery offers a solution here. However, an eyelid correction is not just a solution to a cosmetic problem. Overhanging eyelids can cause various complaints. In some cases, they can limit vision. Overhanging eyelids can also cause headaches, as your muscles have to put more effort into keeping the eyes open. Regardless of the underlying desire for your eyelid surgery, it is important to first find out whether you qualify for it. The best way to do this is to request a no-obligation consultation with our specialists.

What is the difference in price of upper eyelid surgery

Skin + Surgery Clinics is transparent and fair in its pricing. We value quality, which is why we only work with experienced cosmetic doctors. Because everyone is unique, what can be corrected to the eyelids can vary from person to person. Sometimes only excess skin needs to be removed, sometimes excess fat or muscle tissue is also involved. In our clinic, we consider two things important in this: long-lasting and natural results.


Upper eyelid surgery bilateral - skin resection

If there is only excess skin, eyelid surgery with skin resection will suffice. The underlying muscle tissue or fat pockets will not be corrected in this case.


Upper eyelid surgery both sides - skin resection and adjusting muscle

Often, in addition to excess skin, there is sagging of the orbicularis oculi: the muscle used in closing and opening the eyelids. By removing a small strip, the result becomes more natural than if we only removed skin while there is excess and sagging muscle.


Upper eyelid surgery both sides - skin resection, muscle and fat pockets removed

For somewhat thick eyelids, or puffy eyes, it is often necessary to remove some fat in addition to excess skin and muscle. This fat 'pushes' against the septum, muscle and skin, so to speak, and therefore partially causes the drooping eyelids. Therefore, to ensure long-term results, it is necessary to remove the fat as well in this indication.

So how does this work?

Performing an eyelid correction requires skilled work. There are different types of eyelid surgery, all with different intended results. To determine your eligibility for the procedure and which technique best suits your desired result, a preliminary examination is needed. During the preliminary examination, there is room to ask all your questions. Pictures are also taken for the medical record. With the preliminary examination, we ensure that you have a realistic expectation of the intended results.

Who is this correction suitable for?

Often you have been considering eyelid surgery for some time, but when you actually take the step is different for everyone. If you look in the mirror and find that you have a gloomy or tired look, even when you are well rested, you may have already considered doing something about it. Eyelid surgery offers a solution here. However, an eyelid correction is not just a solution to a cosmetic problem. Overhanging eyelids can cause various complaints. In some cases, they can limit vision. Overhanging eyelids can also cause headaches, as your muscles have to put more effort into keeping the eyes open. Regardless of the underlying desire for your eyelid surgery, it is important to first find out if you qualify for it. The best way to do this is to request a no-obligation consultation with our specialists

What exactly is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin and fat from the upper and or lower eyelids. When an eyelid correction is performed from a cosmetic point of view, it can achieve a fresher and rested look. Eyelid correction can also be performed from a medical point of view, when the overhanging eyelids cause symptoms. In both cases, the procedure is the same.

Eyelid surgery

Look in the mirror with fresh eyes again

Do people often ask if you are tired? With eyelid surgery, get your fresh eye look back. Bags under your eyes, droopy eyelids and a gloomy look? We can help.

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