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Facelift in The Hague

Do you have sagging facial skin? The contours of your face are restored with a facelift. You enjoy a younger appearance with confidence.

Getting older is a process of deepening, maturing and inner enrichment. You feel vital. You are less happy with the facial change that manifests itself in wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging skin. With a facelift in The Hague, the first signs of aging are hidden from view. The qualified and experienced specialists from Skin + Surgery make the best version of you. The contours of your jawline, cheeks and neck are naturally restored. Depending on your wishes and appearance, various surgical procedures are performed in our clinic. Specifically the S-lift or mini lift, the MACS lift and the face-neck lift.


As you get older, your face no longer reflects how you feel inside. Your skin loses its elasticity and firmness. You lose your tight jawline and your cheeks collapse. Your nasal lip fold becomes more prominent and wrinkles become visible. Your skin becomes thinner, your face loses volume. This process of skin aging is exacerbated by smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use or prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Factors such as genetic predisposition, significant weight loss and a lack of vitamins also make facial skin vulnerable to wrinkles, folds and crow’s feet. A facelift in The Hague provides a facial rejuvenation and makes you shine again. You recognize yourself again in your radiant reflection.

Facelift in The Hague

Our results from a facelift

View the results of the various facelift treatments that our specialists have carried out and discover what we can do for you. Photos before and after the treatment clearly show the natural result of facial rejuvenation.

Facelift in The Hague

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A facelift in The Hague is suitable for men and women . They usually have this done between the ages of 40 and 60. Then the skin is more elastic than in an older phase of life. You can make an informed decision if you first make an appointment for a free consultation with our plastic surgeon. You can ask all your questions and express your wishes and doubts in a personal meeting in a relaxed setting. Our doctor will in turn inform you about the treatment options, the entire treatment procedure, the expected end result and the costs.


The expert plastic surgeon from Skin + Surgery assesses whether a facelift is a suitable treatment for you. And tells you which facelift form gives the best result . Your wishes are central. We provide a natural facelift that boosts your self-image and makes you look fresher and more youthful. During the free consultation, photos are taken of the treatment area. Pictures are taken again after the facial treatment. The result is beautifully portrayed with the before and after photos.

A facelift in The Hague is an outpatient treatment that takes place under anesthesia. You do not have to be admitted to our clinic. The treatment time depends on the type of facelift. The S-lift or mini-lift takes approximately one and a half hours. The more extensive MACS lift takes about two hours. The most comprehensive, combined neck facelift takes a little longer. You can go home after the treatment and after a short rest. You just can’t drive a car yet. So take someone with you or have someone pick you up at our clinic after the treatment. The first result of the facelift is already visible after one to two weeks. The natural result is revealed after a few months to a year. A facelift can be repeated after 10 to 15 years to counteract ongoing skin aging.


Every face is different. The aging process of the skin is different for everyone. Skin + Surgery adjusts the facelift accordingly. With a minilift or S-lift, only the skin of the cheek is lifted. This least invasive treatment mainly has a rejuvenating effect on the cheeks and jawline. With the MACS lift, both the cheek skin and the underlying supporting tissue are lifted. This facial surgery tightens your jawline and makes your nose lip fold more prominent. The excess skin at the neck is removed. A neck facelift is the most complete treatment method. Incisions are made along the hairline and behind the ear. Subcutaneous connective tissue is secured or partly removed, as is excess skin. Your face and neck are tightened. The deep skin folds disappear.

Skin + Surgery is known for the expert and safe treatments and for the excellent aftercare. We use a specially developed aftercare protocol. You will be guided throughout the follow-up process for a good and fast recovery. The first days after the facelift in The Hague, your face is slightly swollen, shows some bruises and feels a bit tight. If you have a mild after-pain, you can take paracetamol. The bruising and swelling will disappear on their own within one to two weeks. It helps if you take enough rest for the first week and sleep in the supine position on an extra pillow at night. This reduces swelling, reduces the risk of bleeding afterwards and promotes the healing process.


Do not engage in vigorous physical activity in the first six weeks. For the first three weeks, avoid lifting, bending, pressing and pressing. With a conscious and healthy lifestyle you will get the best result . That means no smoking until the stitches are out. Do not drink hot drinks to avoid facial congestion. And do not chew solid food intensively, so as not to put pressure on the facial sutures. You keep your blood circulation going by moving normally after the facelift. This makes the wound heal faster. You are presentable again after one to two weeks. You can resume your daily activities. Do not go to the sun, sunbed or sauna with your face in the first three months.

The Skin + Surgery specialists are highly qualified and experienced. They work with the best and most modern medical instruments to prevent possible tissue damage. The chance of risks or complications with a facelift in The Hague is very small. Very occasionally an allergic reaction, bleeding or infection can occur. Occasionally, specific complications arise, such as nerve damage, asymmetrical face, hypertrophic (red, itchy) scars, hair loss, or numbness of part of your face. This is rare and usually not permanent. If in doubt, contact the attending plastic surgeon in our clinic immediately. Our doctors are easily accessible.

Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Surgeon and Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a surgeon and certified cosmetic doctor known as one of the best in her field. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. She explains the possibilities with care and attention and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but just as well to a surgical procedure. Read more about our specialists

Please note: Facelifts are now widely offered by clinics and healthcare professionals, often at competitive rates and with high discounts. Unfortunately, this often means that the procedure is not performed by an experienced surgeon. Always be well informed during a personal consultation and remember: if something seems too good to be true, it often is.

Facelift in The Hague

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery Clinics delivers the highest quality at a competitive price. The costs of the facelift differ per treatment, depending on the extent of the procedure. A facelift will only be reimbursed for medical reasons.

Facelift S-lift

€ 3500,-

Facelift MACS Lift

€ 3950,-


€ 5950,-

Facelift and neck lift

€ 7950,-

Dr. Tha-In Signature Lift

€ 8950,-

Neck lift in combination with platysmaplasty

€ 4950,-

Liposuction neck

€ 1500,-

Complete sedation

€ 950 per hour

Facelift in The Hague

Frequently Asked Questions

A facelift is a treatment that is performed when the skin on your face starts to sag with age. During the procedure, the skin and the underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened and lifted. This gives your face, neck and jawline a youthful contour.

Watch our videos below where Dr. Thanya Tha-In explains exactly what a facelift entails.

  1. S-LIFT, also known as the mini lift. Only the skin of the cheek is lifted. The underlying supporting tissue is not lifted.
  2. MACS lift: MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift) not only involves the skin of the cheek but also the underlying supporting tissue and lifts. The neck is not included here
  3. Face / neck lift: With a face-neck lift, an extended incision behind the ear not only lifts the skin of the cheek and the underlying support tissue, but also lifts the neck.

There is a risk of complication with any surgical treatment. That is why it is important that you are aware of the procedure and the possible complications. There is a risk of an allergic reaction, bleeding or infection. The chance of this is very small. Our instruments are single-use and of the best quality. We work with very fine needles and fine diathermy, so as to minimize trauma to the tissue.

Specific complications with a facelift are nerve damage, asymmetry, hair loss, hypertrophic scarring and numbness of part of your face. The latter is usually not permanent.

Take plenty of rest in the week after your treatment. Make sure someone can help you.
Sleep in the supine position on 2 pillows. This reduces the risk of bleeding and swelling. It promotes healing.
During the first two weeks after treatment, you should not press, push, lift or bend over.
We recommend that you do not smoke until the stitches are removed. Smoking increases the risk of complications.
Avoid intensive chewing of solid foods. This puts pressure on the sutures in the face.
Do not drink hot drinks, such as tea or coffee, to avoid facial congestion.
Swelling and bruising get worse for the first three days and then slowly subside.
It is wise to keep moving normally. This is good for circulation and wound healing.
Do not engage in heavy, strenuous work or sports activities for the first six weeks.
Schedule your social contacts. Stay at home for a week. The treated area will look blue, swollen, and bruised for the first week. The scars can also be red and swollen immediately after the treatment. This is sometimes a bit of a shock.
You are usually presentable again one to two weeks after a facelift and you can resume your social activities.
We recommend that you do not expose the scars to UV sunlight and / or the tanning bed for 3 months after surgery.
Avoid emotional arousal. After a few weeks everything will be fine.

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Facelift: the procedure

Dr. Thanya Tha-In answers your questions about a facelift

Facelift by Dr. Thanya Tha-In

What is an appropriate age for a facelift?

Facelift in The Hague

Shine like never before. You deserve it.

Do you suffer from wrinkles and lines on your face, sagging cheeks and sunken jawline, a facelift is the right treatment for you.

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