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Filler for temples

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Filler for temples

The result can be astonishing after a small touch-up.

Do you miss your fresh look in the mirror? Do you have the feeling that your eyes seem hollow and eyebrows fall back? You may not think about it quickly, but you often see that when people get older, sleep is a part that can make someone look tired. Sleep is an area of the head that is often forgotten. By placing a filler at your temple, your face looks more youthful and your eyebrows are lifted in a natural way. Skin + Surgery looks at your face with attention and will advise you which treatment suits you best. The result can be astonishing after a small touch-up. Book a no-obligation consultation for personal advice.

Filler for temples

Our results of filler for temples

A sleep filler is a relatively minor operation with astonishing results. Your eyebrows are lifted naturally and your temples are filled. Read the enthusiastic experiences of our clients who look fresh into the world after a filler treatment.

Filler for temples

Quality is our passion

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Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts

Dokter Thanya Tha-In is chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts en staat bekend als de één van de beste in haar vak. Thanya kijkt verder dan het te behandelen gebied en is oprecht geïnteresseerd in u als persoon. Met zorg en aandacht legt ze u de mogelijkheden uit en is ze realistisch in het te verwachten resultaat. Dit geldt voor een behandeling met injectables, maar net zo goed voor een chirurgische ingreep. Read more about our specialists

Filler for temples

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery considers transparent and fair rates of paramount importance. You get the highest quality cosmetic care for an affordable price. A filler for facial rejuvenation sleep is not covered by the basic health insurance.

Fillers for sleep

€ 750,-

Filler for temples

Frequently Asked Questions

The filler is used to rejuvenate facial wrinkles. Often after a stressful period, for example due to weight loss or aging, your face starts to draw. Soluble non-permanent fillers are ideal for fading signs of aging and fatigue. The name actually says it all, namely filling. The filler ensures that certain parts of your face regain more volume. This includes lifting the cheeks, reducing the fold of the nose and lips and lifting the corners of the mouth.

A filler is ultimately nothing more than hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your body and ensures that your skin is hydrated. By injecting these into the middle and bottom skin layers, the skin is hydrated from within, which ensures a long-term improvement in skin quality. Fillers can also restore volume in the face and give a rejuvenating and lifting effect through the deep injection in the skin layers.

It differs per filler how long the result is visible. We assume an average duration of action between 6 and 12 months.

A lot of research has been done into injecting a filler. You also read a lot in the media about the good and bad experiences. Scientific research and our own experience have shown that the use of fillers is completely safe. The fillers that Skin + Surgery Clinics work with are of high quality and completely biodegradable. In addition, our doctors always ensure a subtle result and guard against overfilling and an unnatural appearance. Our doctors therefore always give honest advice. If we believe that the treatment you have chosen will lead to an unnatural look, we will discuss this extensively and we will decide in good consultation not to carry out the treatment in this way.

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Filler for temples

Get your youthful facial contour back

Fillers are an excellent way to restore the loss of volume in your temples and lift your eyebrows. Make an appointment and experience it yourself.

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