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Lip fillers

Tired of your thin or narrow lips ? Get your lips filled professionally and safely. It gives a natural and beautiful result.

Beautiful full lips give your face a sensual and youthful look . Unfortunately, it is not obvious that everyone has voluminous lips. You can be born with narrow or thin lips. Or you have asymmetrical lips due to an illness or accident, for example due to a scar near your mouth. In most cases, your lips become less prominent and somewhat smaller as a result of aging. This is because your skin loses elasticity and firmness. Fortunately, at Skin + Surgery Clinics you can fill your lips with natural hyaluronic acid. Our cosmetic doctor gives you fuller lips that are an eye-catcher. You get lips that match your face completely. Your lips don’t feel any different after the treatment, even when you kiss.


The lip filler contains the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which attracts and retains moisture. The filler embellishes the contours of your lips and gives them more volume. You get lips to kiss! With age, fine lines often develop around your lips. Your lips narrow and they seem to fold inward. The corners of the mouth usually hang slightly. Our cosmetic doctors can make these smoker’s lines with lips disappear. Do you already have full lips, but want to curl your lips more? That is also possible with Skin + Surgery. Inserting a little injectable around your mouth muscle will give your lips a more pursed look. Filling the lips also helps if you suffer from dry lips. Your lips are nicely hydrated, with a natural look.

Lip fillers

Results of lip fillers

Skin + Surgery uses a lip filler to create fuller lips that match the shape of your face. See the natural results of plumping lips with the body’s own Hyaluronic Acid, including tackling the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.

Lip fillers

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Prior to the decision to fill your lips, you will have a free consultation with the treating physician at Skin + Surgery. In this free consultation, you can ask all your questions and express your wishes and expectations about the treatment. Our cosmetic doctor will tell you in a personal conversation in a relaxation setting what the treatment entails, including aftercare and any risks. You will also be told what beautiful natural result you can expect. A lip filler is also regularly chosen by young women. They want to have their lips padded to get sultry lips.


No pair of lips is the same. Our doctor assesses your lips and gives expert and honest advice on which filler is most suitable. The lip filling is perfectly tailored to what suits your face and your specific needs. You know exactly where you stand in advance. If you have chosen to fill your lips, you sign the treatment agreement together with the cosmetic doctor at Skin + Surgery. Photos are pre-made, which are later placed next to the photos after the filler treatment. You can see the result at a glance.

Filler treatments are frequently performed in the well-attended Skin + Surgery clinic. It is a short-term, outpatient treatment. You can go home after the lip filler. The lip filling is generally almost painless. Do you have sensitive lips or do you find the treatment exciting? Then you can opt for a local anesthetic or an anesthetic cream. The gel-like filler with hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin of your lips with a very thin needle. Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture and provides hydration and volume to the skin. Our doctor doesn’t just look at the shape of your lips for the best results. Your entire face is examined to achieve a perfect balance.


Filling in lips only takes 10-15 minutes. To combat the swelling, your lips and the surrounding area are cooled with an ice pack. We can give your lips their original contour and volume, or even enlarge them slightly. This takes into account the ratio between your lips and cheekbones, as well as the ratio between your upper lip and lower lip. If desired, you can accentuate the lip line. Temporary fillers are used. The effect is visible for about one year. The injected hyaluronic acid is then completely absorbed by your body. The treatment can then be repeated without problems to get beautiful full lips again.

Your lips may be a bit red and swollen or have some bruises after the filler treatment. This is usually minimal. The swelling is counteracted with direct cooling. These mild symptoms are not serious and will go away on their own. The anesthetic works for approximately two hours. As a result, the treated area may still be somewhat insensitive. This will recover automatically. Skin + Surgery uses a specially designed aftercare protocol, for optimal healing and quick recovery. Your doctor advises you not to drink alcohol and not to exercise or to engage in heavy physical activities for the first 24 hours.


You can resume your daily activities after one day. From that moment on it is also allowed to apply make-up. In the first week after treatment, avoid exposure to bright sunlight and do not use the tanning bed or the sauna. It is not recommended to undergo treatment by a beautician or skin therapist during the first two weeks after the lip filler. The end result is visible after 14 days. You will enjoy fuller lips for approximately one year with a natural result.

Filling the lips does not involve major risks. The risk of complications is also very small. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists work according to the most modern treatment techniques and with the best techniques. They have a special eye for proportions and apply the lip filler in a subtle way. The risks are thus reduced to a minimum. As with any procedure, an occasional allergic reaction or infection may occur. If in doubt, please contact with your attending physician in our clinic.

Drs. Leanne Wong

Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Leanne Wong is a certified cosmetic physician and aims to help people good and more confident. Not by trying to achieve certain standards, but by accentuating the individual and natural beauty of her clients. Read more about our specialists arrow-right

Lip fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

The filler is used to rejuvenate facial wrinkles. Often after a stressful period, for example due to weight loss or aging, your face starts to draw. Soluble non-permanent fillers are ideal for fading signs of aging and fatigue. The name actually says it all, namely filling. The filler ensures that certain parts of your face regain more volume. This includes lifting the cheeks, reducing the fold of the nose and lips and lifting the corners of the mouth.

A Filler is ultimately nothing more than hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your body and ensures that your skin is hydrated. By injecting these into the middle and bottom skin layers, the skin is hydrated from within, this ensures a long-term improvement of the skin quality. Fillers can also restore volume in the face through the deep injection in the skin layers and give a rejuvenating and lifting effect.

It differs per Filler how long the result is visible. We assume an average duration of action between 6 and 12 months.

A lot of research has been done into injecting a filler. You also read a lot in the media about the good and bad experiences. Scientific research and our own experience have shown that the use of fillers is completely safe. The fillers that Skin + Surgery Clinics works with are of high quality and completely biodegradable. In addition, our doctors always ensure a subtle result and guard against overfilling and an unnatural appearance. Our doctors therefore always give honest advice. If we believe that the treatment you have chosen will lead to an unnatural look, we will discuss this extensively and we will decide in good consultation not to carry out the treatment in this way.

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Lip fillers

Natural, full lips make you happy

Your lips are an eye-catcher on your face. With fuller lips you emphasize your femininity and attractiveness. Make an appointment now!

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