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Detox and dietary supplements

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Detox and dietary supplements

You feel better when you eat healthy and exercise.

You feel better when you eat healthy and exercise. Every day we are exposed to chemicals and E numbers in our food. No wonder it takes so much energy for your body to process everything. At the same time, you are inundated with dietary advice. What can we and what cannot we eat?


Do you have questions such as: How can I make my diet healthier and tastier? How do I get more energy? How do I eat my skin better? Then you’ve come to the right place. This way you can make an appointment with our detox coach. She will tell you what is possible in terms of nutrition and will put together a diet that suits you.


Our food contains less and less high-quality nutrients that are necessary for a fit and healthy body. That is why we recommend specialist nutritional supplements for cosmetic purposes to optimally improve your skin and to solve various skin problems such as acne, allergy and aging. We recommend LaViesage Nutricosmetics®.

Laviesage Nutricosmetics® is a special nutritional supplement that ensures beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. All supplements are made from natural and sustainable food ingredients. With the help of powerful antioxidants such as spirulina, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc, selenium and green tea extract, the skin is protected against free radicals and ionizing radiation. With the boost & amp; lift anti-aging formula, the production of collagen is stimulated, resulting in the effect of a facelift and a beautiful full appearance from within.

Detox and dietary supplements

Detox and dietary supplements

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Skin + Surgery achieves excellent results with the nutritional supplements and detox. Skin problems are solved, skin improvement occurs and you feel a lot better. Experience it yourself and see our results.

Detox and dietary supplements

Quality is our passion

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Drs. Aletta de Wit

Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Aletta de Wit is a cosmetic and orthomolecular doctor and writes as a regular columnist about beauty (inside and outside beauty) for the beauty blog! Doctor Aletta studied Medicine at the Medical Faculty of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Thanks to her part-time work as a model, she has a great affinity with aesthetics and facial symmetry and has developed a great interest in the cosmetic field during her training. Read more about our specialists

Detox and dietary supplements

Prices and fees

Detox treatments and nutritional supplements are given in consultation with you. Inquire about the possibilities at Skin + Surgery and about a tailor-made price, based on your wishes and needs. Reimbursement is possible from additional health insurance.

Detox and dietary supplements

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Detox and dietary supplements

Know what you are eating and feel good again

Know what you are eating and feel good again. Skin + Surgery provides skin improvement with detox treatments and special, natural nutritional supplements.

Free consultation

Contact us by phone
070-200 20 70
Mon to Sun 08:00 to 22:00

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