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Inner beauty scan

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Inner beauty scan

Inner beauty scan

Are you often tired or lethargic? Do you have little control over your emotions and do you find it difficult to focus? Check your inner battery.

Revolutionary and the first in the Netherlands, Skin + Surgery Clinics introduces “the Inner Beauty Scan”. Do you ever experience feelings of tiredness, less concentration and less control over your emotions? Do you ever have that vague feeling of inner turmoil? These are the signals from your brain that indicate that your inner battery is running out. This is a process that will happen in some time and before you realize it, the physical complaints will come and your battery will be empty. Do you want to be one step ahead? Then the inner beauty scan is really something for you.

With our renowned coach, Johan Maigret, Skin + Surgery has developed the inner beauty scan. The inner beauty scan aims to raise awareness of your energy management and to ensure that the heart-brain connection is in top condition. You are then better able to cope with the multitude of external stimuli from outside. No one can upset you anymore.

We use a valid questionnaire during the intake. And we measure the energy balance with heart rhythm variation. If you are often tired or tense, do you have sleeping problems or have you experienced something traumatic? Then this can be measured almost immediately with a sensor on your ear. We directly measure the variation of the heart’s beats: this is called heart rhythm variation. This is a scientific measure of the inner balance between accelerator and brake in your body. It also shows to what extent your battery can or cannot be sufficiently charged.

Based on this, we make a plan of action. In that plan, we make use of an innovative breathing coach: the O2CHAIR. In this chair you learn to deepen your breathing in a specific rhythm, you get extra oxygen and you lie in a so-called anti-gravity position.

Experience has shown that this plan already produces results in the short term. In about 3 to 4 weeks you will feel that the degree of tiredness and inner turmoil have shifted to fitness, more focus, concentration and inner calm.

Depending on your personal goals, the Inner Beauty Scan can also be combined with coaching. In a coaching session we work with a topic of your choice. It may be a challenge or problem that you want to solve. Together we find your own answers to certain questions by working on the connection between heart and brain.

Being yourself every day is a top achievement. We are happy to help you achieve this.

Inner beauty scan

It’s for everyone.

Your inner battery is slowly draining. You have less and less control over your emotions and feelings. Are annoying physical complaints around the corner? Then it is time for the Innerbeauty scan.

Inner beauty scan

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Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a surgeon and certified cosmetic doctor known as one of the best in her field. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. She explains the possibilities with care and attention and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but just as well to a surgical procedure. Read more about our specialists

Inner beauty scan

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery uses transparent prices for tailor-made inner beauty scan, tailored to your specific situation. Many health insurers reimburse coaching sessions as part of the additional insurance for alternative medicine or as exercise care.

Innerbeauty Scan (2 hour session)

150 euro

Inner beauty scan

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inner Beauty Scan is a self-contained program available for individuals and groups.

It is a combination of:

  1. Intake with questionnaire and use of heart rate variation (HRV) biofeedback
  2. Energetic self-regulation and breathing exercise
  3. O2CHAIR, optimal breath coach with deepening breathing, extra oxygen, zero-gravity posture, warmth and auditory support with nature sounds

The Inner Beauty Scan can be supplemented with coaching

  1. Coaching focused on lifestyle and emphasis on fun and joy

With information about the physiology of stress and resilience

& nbsp;

With the HRV biofeedback, heart rate signals are analyzed with patented HeartMath® algorithms to calculate the degree of cooperation in inner physiology (cooperation between heart-brain-internal organs).

There is already research with police, navy, military, education and healthcare personnel proving that HRV biofeedback is effective in developing resilience and improving performance in high stress situations. HRV biofeedback is being embraced by athletes, the police and healthcare providers who benefit from the self-regulation of the stress energy.

Whether on the sports field, at work or in the gym, optimal performance is united by recurring elements. Elements incorporated in the Inner Beauty Scan.

  1. Sleep and Recovery
  2. Maintaining the condition of the body
  3. Learning how to deal with stress and resilience optimally (resilience)
  4. Emphasis on fun and joy

A natural consequence of applying the Scan is that you find inner peace in an increasingly busy world.

With the development of the Inner Beauty Scan, the primary realization was that we know what the stress culture does to our health. With the Scan we want people to be and stay healthy and with pleasure and joy at work.

The Inner Beauty Scan builds on existing valid models. For example, TNO, in collaboration with the Service Center Behavioral Sciences (GW), has developed a model of mental resilience for the army. Within this model, they describe mental resilience as: the ability to maintain optimal performance during stressful circumstances, shocking events and setbacks, and then to recover positively from it in both the short and the longer term, whereby demotivation for military work and the associated associated goals are retained.

The Inner Beauty Scan is therefore a kind of “Resilience Building Mental-Emotional Fitness” that combines essential knowledge about resilience with natural elements, nutrition, the power of visualization, innovative technologies and biofeedback techniques.

The most effective way to build resilience is to combine the Inner Beauty Scan with personal coaching, support and aftercare.

Inner Calm – A calm mind and body ready to use.

Through brain training to calm the mind, the person gains better control over their energy, emotions and body control. Techniques include: Body Scan, Autogenic Training, HRV, Mental MiniBreaks, Focus Exercises, Visualizations, Virtual Reality and Mindfulness Training.

Various HRV measurements show that a more balanced autonomic nervous system can be realized in order to develop an increased psychophysiological resilience.

In this phase, the participants receive various workshops focused on respiratory and emotion regulation.

Trust – The premise is that we know that whatever it takes to achieve success will be done without further analysis of the “inner critic” or “ego.” We will not let that distract us.

During the training, we unconditionally tolerate decline in performance so as not to undermine the fundamental belief in the true potentials. During the training of the inner calm of mind and body, the new skills will gradually be exposed to more tasks and assignments that are more challenging. During the training program, the person may experience feelings of “failure”, but instead of getting angry and / or out of step with his heart rhythms, he learns to adopt a confident and “cool” attitude.

Completely concentrated – completely absorbed in the moment.

Exercising with a careful mix of innovative tools and exercises reduces the risk of mental distraction and can improve the person’s ability to stay focused. This in turn increases accuracy in achieving performance.

Effortless – The 8-week training program and coach emphasize achieving training goals that you can achieve effortlessly. “Trying too hard,” “must or too much control” become “unconsciously” psycho-physiologically detected and coaching suggestions appear to help the person breathe effortlessly or ease activity.


Automatic – “Think less to achieve more” can be beautifully trained using HRV measurements. Trying too hard or thinking too hard will immediately become apparent: the result will show an increase in HRV and a decrease in sweat secretion.


Fun and joy – When you are ‘in flow’ it is a real pleasure to participate. Live “games” intensify this feeling because they are fun to play and the player receives positive feedback about improvements in self-regulation.


Under control – Biofeedback is a great way to promote emotion control. It works both physiologically and psychologically at the same time. “Seeing is believing.” Achieving success while using the new skills has a tremendous positive effect on the growth of personal effectiveness and the development of self-direction.

Because of more inner calm and because the training gives more control over body and mind, this is reinforced with every repetition during the training. Partly because of this, perfectionists learn to replace ‘compulsive control’ with optimal control. More has been gained in the ability to put things into perspective.

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Inner beauty scan

Heart and head back in balance

Know how to find inner peace again. Take control of your own feelings, emotions and body. Being able to be yourself every day is a true gift.

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