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Neck liposuction

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Neck liposuction

You may be trying hard to lose or maintain weight, but that pesky double chin remains. We can again contour your jawline and neck with liposuction.

Even if you are naturally slim or have worked hard to lose weight, you can suffer from a double chin. No matter how much you exercise and eat healthily, it is a persistent annoyance that will not go away. Liposuction of the neck can help in that case.


In liposuction of the neck, a plastic surgeon uses a thin tube (also called a cannula) to suck excess fat from the double chin, neck and around the jawline. This gives more definition to your face and brings back the natural contours.


It is a specialized and precise technique, in which only fat cells are sucked up. It is therefore a relatively safe procedure, with little risk of damaging surrounding cells or tissues.


If there is a sagging skin around the neck and / or jawline, this treatment can also be combined with a facelift.

Liposuction of the neck is performed under intoxication and with local anesthesia. You are therefore very sleepy and relaxed and will not experience much of the procedure.


To remove the fat in the right places, the surgeon will make a small incision under the chin and near your ear. From here a small tube can be inserted with which the fat can be sucked up under the chin, in the neck and along the jawline. This brings back the natural facial contour. The entire procedure takes about an hour.


The incisions are skilfully stitched and you can go home after sleeping in. Because you can be a bit drowsy, you are not allowed to independently participate in traffic and you must be picked up. You get a pressure bandage to keep the skin taut. After about a week you will come back and the stitches will be removed.

Neck liposuction

Our results from neck liposuction

View the results of the different facelift treatments that our specialists have performed and discover what we can do for you. Photos before and after the treatment clearly show the natural result of facial rejuvenation.

Neck liposuction

Quality is our passion

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Liposuction of the neck is always preceded by several consultations with our plastic surgeon. During the no-obligation consultation you have plenty of room to ask your questions in a personal conversation. And to express your wishes and expectations about the treatment. Our surgeon Dr. Thanya Tha-In assesses whether liposuction is a suitable treatment for you and whether it gives the best result. You will receive all information about the treatment and you will receive an explanation of the entire treatment process, from precaution to aftercare. You will be told what end result you can expect from the treatment. Photos are taken beforehand, which are placed next to the photos after the surgery. You can see the natural result of the liposuction beautifully.


To understand where you come from and why you would like this procedure, we would like to take the time to get to know you well. The most important thing about the entire treatment is that we understand what your wishes are. Do you want a natural result, appropriate to your age? What are your main advantages and disadvantages? How is the symmetry of your face? By getting to know you, we understand what you want. Ultimately, it’s about you. You can take the time to make your decision. It’s your face! We bring your inner beauty and your outer beauty back into balance.

Liposuction of the neck is an outpatient treatment , which does not require hospitalization. You can go home after the procedure and after a short rest. You are just not allowed to drive yourself yet. In that case, take someone with you to our clinic or have someone pick you up by car after the treatment.


Liposuction of the neck takes on average between 1 and 2 hours. This procedure gives you a clearer jaw and neckline and the transition to your neck becomes more prominent. The first result is already visible after 1 to 2 weeks. The definitive, natural result shows itself after a few months to a year. The result lasts a long time. The skin aging will continue. Liposuction can be repeated, provided that fat has started to accumulate again.

We are happy to guide you through the entire treatment and healing process. We work with a specially developed pre and aftercare protocol , so that you are optimally prepared and enjoy your recovery. Your neck is a bit swollen and tight for a few days after the liposuction. For light after pain, taking a paracetamol is sufficient. The swelling and bruising will go away on its own within a few weeks. Take sufficient rest in the first week and sleep in the supine position on an extra pillow. This helps against swelling, reduces the risk of bleeding afterwards and promotes the healing process. For the first three weeks, avoid pressing, straining, bending, or lifting. Do not engage in vigorous physical activity in the first six weeks.


You will achieve the best result and the fastest healing with a healthy lifestyle. In any case, stop smoking until the stitches are out, do not drink hot drinks to prevent facial congestion and do not chew solid food intensively. Otherwise this will put pressure on the sutures in the face. Continue to move normally after liposuction so that blood circulation is maintained and the wound heals quickly. You will be presentable again after one to two weeks and able to resume your daily social activities. For the first three months, do not expose your facial skin to strong sunlight and do not use the tanning bed or the sauna. We recommend a number of connective tissue massages from 3 months after the treatment. This makes the skin, underlying tissues and scars supple and soft, and promotes recovery.

Liposuction of the neck is a common surgical procedure at Skin + Surgery Clinics, with a very low risk of complications. In some cases an allergic reaction, bleeding or infection may occur. However, this is rare, as our highly qualified and experienced specialists work according to the most modern treatment techniques and use the best instruments.


Occasionally, specific complications can occur such as nerve damage, asymmetry, hypertrophic (red, itchy) scars, hair loss, or numbness of part of your face, which is usually not permanent. If in doubt, please immediately contact your treating physician at Skin + Surgery. Our doctors are easily accessible.

Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Surgeon and Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a surgeon and certified cosmetic doctor known as one of the best in her field. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. She explains the possibilities with care and attention and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but just as well to a surgical procedure. Read more about our specialists

Please note: Liposuction is now widely offered by clinics and healthcare professionals, often at competitive rates and with high discounts. Unfortunately, this often means that the procedure is not performed by an experienced surgeon. Always be well informed during a personal consultation and remember: if something seems too good to be true, it often is.

Neck liposuction

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery Clinics delivers the highest quality at a competitive price. The costs of neck liposuction are transparent and straightforward. Liposuction is only reimbursed for medical reasons.

Facelift S-lift

€ 3500,-

Facelift MACS Lift

€ 4000,-


€ 6000,-

Facelift and neck lift

€ 8000,-

Dr. Tha-In Signature Lift

€ 9500,-

Neck lift with platysmaplasty

€ 5000,-

Neck liposuction

€ 1500,-

Face slimming

€ 3000,-

General anesthesia (if desired or necessary)

€ 950,- per hour

Neck liposuction

Frequently Asked Questions

Liposuction of the neck removes the fat under the chin, around the jawline and in the neck. This is done with a tube (cannula) that is inserted under the skin and sucks up the fat. Liposuction of the neck removes a double chin and gives more definition to the transition between chin and neck and the jawline.

It can happen that the skin around the jawline and neck has slackened too much, so that liposuction alone will not give the desired effect. In that case, the surgeon will recommend a face-neck lift in which, in addition to liposuction, excess skin is also lifted and removed.


In some cases, liposuction of the neck can also be very nicely combined with buccal fat removal . This gives the face more definition and a V-shape from the middle downwards. This combination is offered at Skin + Surgery under the name face slimming treatment.

Good candidates for neck liposuction have sufficient skin elasticity to allow their skin to bounce back after fat has been removed. People in their 40s or older may also need a neck lift to remove excess skin. During your first consultation, the surgeon assesses whether your skin is sufficiently elastic to guarantee a good result.


Liposuction of the neck is also not recommended for obese people. Liposuction of the neck only removes superficial fat. In someone who is seriously overweight, there is a layer of deeper fat (subplatysmal fat). That area is not reached with the liposuction and will remain visible after the procedure.

It’s a quick way to get rid of a double chin, with very clear results and before / after differences.


The procedure is relatively painless and quick.


If you maintain a good weight, the results will last a long time.


The procedure gives better and longer-lasting results than non-surgical procedures such as cool sculpting.

It concerns a surgical procedure, which always involves risks. Think of infection and temporary numbness.


Not everyone is a suitable candidate. Good skin elasticity and minimal sagging are essential to prevent the skin from sagging after the fat has been removed.

There is a risk of complication with any surgical treatment. That is why it is important that you are aware of the procedure and the possible complications. There is a risk of an allergic reaction, bleeding or infection. The chance of this is very small. Our instruments are of the best quality. We work with very fine needles and fine diathermy, in order to minimize trauma to the tissue.

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Neck liposuction

“I finally got rid of my double chin”

Are you completely fed up with your double chin? We are happy to discuss the options with you during a personal consultation.

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