Personal experience Wrinkle relaxer treatment

Wrinkle relaxer treatments are suitable for men and women to create a fresher and younger look. In most cases, there are already certain lines, when you look in the mirror. For example, that one frown line or the crow’s feet next to the eyes. A Wrinkle Relaxer treatment can then offer a solution. We are happy to share a personal experience of our dear client who undergo treatment with us with a feeling of confidence. Read our blog: Personal experience Wrinkle relaxer treatment.

Who are you / what do you do?
I am Nanne 43 years old, mother of three girls. This means a lot of chaos time and not always having time to pay attention to myself.

Why did you choose a Wrinkle Relaxer treatment?
I had some wrinkles around my eyes which made my lines around the eyes a bit deep. When you get older, these lines unfortunately also remain more and more. My crow’s feet and frown lines have been treated. This makes my skin look a bit tighter and the lines around my eyes less deep. My skin looks fresh and beautiful.

Why did you choose Skin+Surgery?
It is important for me when I go to a clinic that I am seen and heard. There was a warm welcome at Skin+Surgery Clinics, they kindly greeted me and they offer you cup of coffee or tea. During the consultation, the cosmetic doctor asked what I wanted to improve. drs. Vivian Beekman also gave her advice and looked carefully at what was needed.

What do you like most about Skin+Surgery?
My cosmetic doctor Vivian Beekman is professional and accessible, which I have experienced as pleasant. They do not recommend treatments that are not necessary.

What would you say to someone who is considering undergoing a treatment at Skin+Surgery?

I can recommend people to do an intake/ free consultation first. To share your wishes and expectations. In this way you will not be faced with surprises and you know what to expect.

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