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Connective tissue massage

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Connective tissue massage

Stimulation of the elasticity and circulation of the skin.

Does your skin get a dull gray glow? Is your skin losing its glow and a dull complexion? Then the connective tissue massage is for you. We stimulate the elasticity and circulation of the skin with firm massage in the connective tissue. The quality of the skin will greatly improve after a number of treatments, because the connective tissue will renew itself and the adhesions will loosen. Also ideal to combine with your Botox or filler treatments for an even better result.

Skin aging starts with a reduced skin condition. The blood flow decreases, which ensures a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. As well as poor removal of carbon dioxide and waste products from the skin cells. This results in skin that loses its radiance, but also in skin that is less able to produce collagen (firmness) and elastin (elasticity).


With connective tissue treatment, the cause of the skin problem is tackled and an investment is made for the future. The connective tissue massage is an intensive massage that stimulates the skin’s circulation. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells. This results in a shiny, even skin with an increasingly better skin condition. In addition, the removal of carbon dioxide and waste is improved. Adhesions will be loosely massaged and the skin will feel young and vital again. Finally, the fibrolic bark is stimulated, this is a cell that ensures the production of collagen and elastin. Did you know that the fibroblast can be stimulated in many ways? For example, through certain hormones that are released in our sleep, through vitamin C (in food and serums) and through certain treatments (microneedling, chemical peels). And therefore also through the connective tissue massage!


During the connective tissue massage, various special massage grips are performed on the face and décolleté. This is done with the help of serums and creams tailored to your skin type, for an even greater result.

Connective tissue massage

Our connective tissue massage results

Connective tissue massage is a successful treatment for dull and gray skin. The firm massage stimulates the firmness and circulation of your skin and, in combination with injectables, gives an even better result. You can find the proof in the reactions of our clients.

Connective tissue massage

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Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts

Dokter Thanya Tha-In is chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts en staat bekend als de één van de beste in haar vak. Thanya kijkt verder dan het te behandelen gebied en is oprecht geïnteresseerd in u als persoon. Met zorg en aandacht legt ze u de mogelijkheden uit en is ze realistisch in het te verwachten resultaat. Dit geldt voor een behandeling met injectables, maar net zo goed voor een chirurgische ingreep. Read more about our specialists

Connective tissue massage

Prices and fees

With connective tissue massage you invest in a better skin condition, with the production of collagen (firmness) and elastin (elasticity). The transparent rate is affordable for everyone. Connective tissue massage is reimbursed in some additional health insurance policies.

Connective tissue massage

€ 50,-

Connective tissue massage

Frequently Asked Questions

The connective tissue massage is the ideal treatment to improve the skin condition and perfect for every skin to refresh the skin to regain its radiance. This treatment is also extremely suitable for young skins. Specific indications can also be treated well.

  • Stimulation of skin circulation
  • Stimulation of fibroblast (production of collagen and elastin)
  • Improve immune system
  • Removal of adhesions
  • Reinforcement of capillary walls (smallest blood vessels in the skin)
  • Improvement of skin condition

The connective tissue massage consists of a series of different, skin-improving massage handles that together form a complete massage. Some grips may be experienced as intensive and sensitive (especially if the skin is adhered to those areas). You will find that over time and if you have experienced multiple treatments, the massage is actually very relaxing! During the treatment, serums and creams tailored to your skin type are used, for an even greater result!


You can also choose to do the connective tissue massage in combination with a beauty treatment. Then the connective tissue massage is part of a larger treatment, along with styling the eyebrows, cleaning out any impurities and nourishing and soothing the skin with masks.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin already has good blood circulation with a beautiful shine. You do not have to take certain matters into account. You will find that your skin care (serums, creams, masks) are absorbed faster by the skin.

To improve the skin condition strongly, a treatment with high frequency in a cure is recommended (4-6 treatments). You can then reduce the frequency to once every two weeks, once every four weeks and once every 6 weeks. To maintain the achieved result, it is recommended to repeat the treatment once every 4-6 weeks.

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Connective tissue massage

Give your skin back its glow

Improve the quality of your skin with a connective tissue massage. Your skin regains its freshness and shine. Request a no-obligation consultation now.

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