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The skin will renew and rejuvenate.

A chemical peel is a treatment with a liquid solution that gives visible skin improvement, stimulates cell renewal and removes dead skin cells. This makes the skin smoother, pigmentation spots diminish, pores become less visible and the skin will renew and rejuvenate.


Our results with chemical peels

Peels provide a clearly visible skin improvement, with the stimulation of cell renewal and removal of dead skin cells. See the striking results for skin problems such as skin aging, hyperpigmentation, active acne and acne scars.


Quality is our passion

Free consultation

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An intake is always scheduled for a chemical peeling treatment to discuss your wishes and expectations. There are many different types of chemical peels. Some treatments can be carried out immediately, with other treatments it is first recommended to prepare the skin with certain products a few weeks in advance in order to achieve an optimal result.

You will receive a good explanation about the treatment, aftercare, the risks, the costs and the expected end result. A chemical peel can be seen as a separate treatment or as part of a treatment process.

How the treatment works exactly differs per type of peeling. The skin will be cleansed and prepared for the peeling. The peeling liquid is then applied in parts (sometimes in several layers). You may experience a tickle or stinging sensation. A fan is used to relieve this feeling. After the desired skin reaction has occurred, the skin will be soothed.

It is important to support the skin well after the treatment with special products tailored to the peeled skin. In this way the recovery of the skin is stimulated. In addition, it is important to protect the skin well against UV radiation with at least SPF 30. In some cases the skin will flake slightly, do not pull / pick / scratch the loose skin!

Complications are very rare. If you are familiar with a cold sore, this is important to mention during the consultation. It is important not to pull / pick / scratch the possibly loosening skin. Forcing the skin can cause pigmentation or scarring.

Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts

Dokter Thanya Tha-In is chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts en staat bekend als de één van de beste in haar vak. Thanya kijkt verder dan het te behandelen gebied en is oprecht geïnteresseerd in u als persoon. Met zorg en aandacht legt ze u de mogelijkheden uit en is ze realistisch in het te verwachten resultaat. Dit geldt voor een behandeling met injectables, maar net zo goed voor een chirurgische ingreep. Read more about our specialists


Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery has transparent and fair rates, which are linked to the treatment location. Peels for medical reasons, such as acne, are eligible for reimbursement from the health insurance with a referral from the general practitioner or specialist.

SkinCeuticals Gel peel GL

€ 85,-

SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing peel

€ 125,-

Skin Tech Easy Droxy 1x

€ 125,-

Skin Tech TCA Easy 1x

€ 150,-

Skin Tech TCA Easy 1x incl. 3 products

€ 350,-

Skin Tech TCA Easy 4x incl. 3 products

€ 675,-
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Frequently Asked Questions

A superficial chemical peel is intended as an intensive treatment to boost the skin, resulting in a smooth and radiant complexion. A medium to deep chemical peel can be used in the targeted treatment of skin problems such as skin aging, hyperpigmentation, active acne and acne scars.

Do you suffer from dull skin , dryness , slight discoloration and / or a rough skin texture ? Do you want to let your skin shine again ? Then the SkinCeuticals Gel Peel GL treatment is exactly for you! We also call this the Red-Carpet Peel. Immediately beautiful skin with a healthy glow, no downtime and no one will realize that you have undergone an intensive treatment. In combination with protective antioxidants, the skin will be brighter, more radiant and look fresher.
Do you suffer from skin discoloration , blotchiness , color irregularity , unwanted pigmentation due to photo damage or hormonal changes ? Then the SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel treatment is exactly for you! Thanks to the combination of advanced flake-tinting technology and highly specific exfoliation methods, the appearance of the discoloration will be controlled for smoother, clearer skin with an even complexion. A real problem-solver with minimal downtime.


Do you suffer from fine lines , pale / gray skin , acne , dry skin , starting skin aging , sun damage ? Then the SkinTech Easy Droxy Versicolor treatment is exactly for you! Due to the combination of 5 different fruit acids (AHA and BHA), the skin is immediately refreshed and radiant. The mode of action is cell-by-cell, so no major shedding will occur. The skin will tighten immediately after the treatment. Can be used once and ideally as PartyPeel but as a treatment protocol for improving the skin. The treatment protocol then consists of 4 treatments with an interval of 8-14 days in combination with 2 SkinTech creams aimed at addressing the treatment objective and protecting the peeled skin against UV and heat, plus a mild SkinTech Foam for cleaning the peeled skin. skin.


Do you suffer from pigmentation spots , fine lines , large pores , skin aging , sun damage , pale / gray skin , acne ? Then the SkinTech Easy TCA Classic treatment is exactly for you! The peeling is a combination of 15% TCA liquid mixed with a Base Solution consisting of fruit acids and antioxidants. The treatment is rounded off with the unique and patented Post Peel Mask, which immediately slows down the inflammatory process, which removes redness and heat from the skin and the risk of complications is greatly reduced. This is the most effective skin improvement treatment. Take into account an average downtime of 7 days. To optimize skin recovery and reduce downtime, the SkinTech Easy TCA Classic (1x incl. Products) is recommended. 2 SkinTech creams addressing the treatment objective and protecting peeled skin from UV and heat, plus a mild SkinTech Foam for cleansing peeled skin.


More than just skin improvement? An effective, targeted approach to skin problems? Then go for the treatment protocol SkinTech Easy TCA Classic (4x incl. Products). The treatment protocol then consists of 4 treatments with an interval of 8-14 days in combination with 2 SkinTech creams aimed at addressing the treatment objective and protecting the peeled skin against UV and heat, plus a mild SkinTech Foam for the cleaning the peeled skin. This is our top one Skin + Surgery Advanced Clinical Spa treatment!


Do you suffer from severe skin aging, sun damage or sagging skin? The Easy Phen Light peeling stimulates cell renewal, collagen and elastin production and removes dead skin cells and imperfections, resulting in lifting and tightening and a great structure improvement of the skin. This combination peel consists of 30% phenol and 12% TCA and is therefore the middle one in the deep peel category. In combination with SkinTech® creams and our clear treatment protocol, this deep peel for advanced skin aging can be performed safely. Usually only 1 session is needed.


If you suffer from deep wrinkles on the lip or cheeks as well as other photo-aging effects such as aging, hardened skin , then you can consider the lip and eyelid formula Skin Tech . This deep chemical peel gives enormous improvement and tightening of wrinkles and is a one-off treatment that lasts for years. Due to the deep character of the peeling, good preparation with creams and good aftercare are very important. The peeling is applied with the mosaic technique. This technique means that areas with deep wrinkles (such as the upper lip and cheeks) with Lip & amp; Eyelid, but the rest of the face with a less deep peel (such as Easy TCA or Easy Phen Light).


The end result is a three-dimensional facelift (with full face treatment), improvement or even disappearance of deep wrinkles. The result is astonishing.

The chemical peel is applied to the skin in several layers until the desired depth is reached. Depending on the type of chemical peel used, a tingling to stinging sensation may be observed. In addition, the treated skin may feel warm. To compensate for this feeling, air is spread over the treated skin with a fan to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. After the chemical peel, a neutralizing liquid or the post-to-peel mask is applied (depending on which chemical peel is used). This will pull the redness and heat from the skin. Within minutes, the skin becomes calm and painless again. With a superficial chemical peel, the skin will immediately feel radiant and lifted. With a medium to deep chemical peel, the epidermis will be replaced by new cells. This requires shedding. The day after the treatment, the skin feels dry, but not much is visible. On day 2, the skin feels tight and dry. Dark spots may be visible where the pigment has been. On day 3 the molt starts, usually first around the mouth and then further. Shedding usually takes 2-3 days. After that, some remaining sheets will be visible in the hairline and around the nose. The new skin is visibly improved, smoother and more radiant.

For optimal treatment results, it is advisable to prepare the skin well with special home products (Cleanser Foam, cream, Melablock HSP 30 – 50+). These special products enhance the effect of the chemical peel and promote the recovery of (damaged) skin. Thanks to this preparation, the treatment goal is achieved more quickly.

Depending on the treatment goal, a chemical peel can be used once or as a cure (4-6 treatments). SkinTech chemical peels can also be used in the summer months.

  • The Post Peel Mask that is applied after the treatment ensures that your skin recovers faster and better, so leave it on until the next morning.
  • Do not cleanse the treated skin until the next morning with the Skin Tech Cleanser. This cleanser is especially suitable for peeled skin.
  • Do not wear jewelry (metal objects) until 24 hours after a peel treatment.
  • Stop using your own day and night creams. These creams (including your sunscreen) are designed for use on intact skin (epidermis) and can irritate peeled skin or even cause unwanted side effects.
  • Your skin will dry out in the coming days. This can cause a tight feeling and sometimes itchy. Until new skin appears, do NOT try to use creams. This can slow down the storytelling process because the old skin is glued to the new skin.
  • Shedding usually starts on the 3rd day. As soon as new skin becomes visible, it is important to lubricate with the SkinTech treatment cream (s). Do this twice a day as advised by your treatment.
  • Use Melablock HSP SPF 30 or 50+ 3 times a day (or more if you are outdoors) to protect your skin from UV rays (sunlight) and avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Wait 6-7 minutes before applying a second cream so that the first cream is absorbed.
  • Do not use make-up up to 48 hours after each peeling session (with the exception of suitable mineral and oxygen permeable make-up, especially suitable after intensive treatments).
  • Immediately after the first yellowing session and up to two weeks after the last peeling, we recommend that you do not use peels or scrubs at home or undergo similar treatments.
  • Until two months after the last peeling session, you cannot perform hair removal treatments on the peeled skin.
  • Avoid high temperatures (sauna, hammam) for up to 2 weeks after a peeling treatment.
  • If you get an undesirable reaction such as a rash, severe itching, fever or fever, please contact your healthcare provider.

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A new, smooth and radiant skin

With chemical peels you get a new, smooth and radiant skin. It improves the skin’s texture and reduces pigmentation and scars.

Free consultation

Contact us by phone070-200 20 70
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