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SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

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SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Have you tried our professional, luxury facial from SkinCeuticals?

Have you tried our professional, luxury facial from SkinCeuticals? SkinCeuticals has been developed on the basis of high concentrations of active ingredients based on years of scientific study aimed at protecting and correcting skin aging. We are extremely proud that as a clinic we can offer this treatment to our customers. Let our SkinCeuticals specialist advise you and go for a radiant skin.

SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Our results of a SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe is a complete facial treatment, with which Skin + Surgery achieves beautiful results. The treatment is aimed at intensive hydration, strengthening and softening of the skin. Read why our clients are so satisfied with this.

SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Quality is our passion

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Before the treatment, the skin expert takes the time to make a skin analysis and discuss your skin wishes. The skin condition can be properly assessed using the SkinScope. With the aid of ideal daylight and LED light, the diagnosis results are mapped and appropriate supplement and product advice is followed to achieve the maximum result.

You will receive a good explanation about the treatment, aftercare, the risks, the costs and the expected end result. The treatment can be done on its own or will be part of a treatment plan.

During the entire treatment, products will be chosen tailored to your skin condition. The treatment will start with an extensive surface cleaning of the face, neck and décolleté. Followed by a mild scrub and after cleansing with lotion. Then the eyebrows will be modeled and any impurities will be removed. If you want to dye the eyebrows and / or eyelashes, an additional cost will be charged. Then you can enjoy the connective tissue massage, relaxation massage and various masks. The treatment is concluded with various serums and creams

When you undergo a connective tissue massage for the first time, this can be experienced as sensitive in some places. This has to do with the degree to which the skin is or is not adhered. After the massage, the skin feels nice and smooth. It is possible that the skin needs a little more support after the treatment. Use an extra serum, mask or a full cream for this.

The chance of complications is nil. As with any treatment, there is a small risk of allergy.

Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts

Dokter Thanya Tha-In is chirurg en gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts en staat bekend als de één van de beste in haar vak. Thanya kijkt verder dan het te behandelen gebied en is oprecht geïnteresseerd in u als persoon. Met zorg en aandacht legt ze u de mogelijkheden uit en is ze realistisch in het te verwachten resultaat. Dit geldt voor een behandeling met injectables, maar net zo goed voor een chirurgische ingreep. Read more about our specialists

SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Prices and fees

The transparent and fair prices of Skin + Surgery are related to the specific SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe treatment and the number of treatments. The cosmetic skin renewal and improvement is normally not reimbursed by the health insurer.

Upper Lip Waxing

€ 20,-

Eyebrow Complete - Tinting | epilation | Trimming

€ 30,-

Facial Connective Tissue Massage

€ 50,-

SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe incl. Facial Connective Tissue Massage 1.5 hours

€ 135,-
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SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Frequently Asked Questions

The SkinCeuticals Facial is suitable for anyone who wants to give the skin a boost, but also for the skin that needs more. Think of a tailor-made treatment aimed at intensive hydration, strengthening and softening. A treatment correcting for impurities, pigment or skin aging is also possible. In addition to improving your skin, the treatment is also a moment of relaxation and time for yourself.

Some skin conditions are visible, but it is also important to detect underlying skin problems early. With the help of the Skinscope we always first do an extensive skin analysis, in order to identify the needs of the skin. The facial treatment will be adjusted accordingly. In doing so, we follow the SkinCeuticals philosophy during the facial treatment: prevent, correct and protect.

Products with antioxidants, which are clinically proven to neutralize harmful free radicals, protect the skin and prevent skin problems. Any skin problems present are addressed.

Products with high concentrations of active ingredients have been developed to address a wide variety of skin problems. When used regularly, these products contribute to a healthy and youthful appearance.

Products that protect the skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Daily use provides good, comprehensive protection of the skin environment and prevents rapid skin aging.


During the treatment, only the high-quality products of SkinCeuticals are used. Afterwards you will receive skin and product advice so that you can also work at home to improve skin health and thus enhance the effect of the treatment.

In order to get the most out of the treatment and to continue the effect of the treatment, we are happy to advise which products you can best use at home.

Depending on the wishes, we recommend a treatment once every 4-6 weeks. The skin regeneration, the skin renewal, normally takes place once every 28 days. As the skin ages or due to external factors (such as excessive sun use or smoking) this process slows down. This is where the SkinCeuticals Facials can help.

There is no specific aftercare. Keep in mind that it is possible that immediately after the treatment you have good blood circulation and the skin has a red glow.

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SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe

Give your facial skin a nice boost

Fight skin aging with a complete SkinCeuticals Facial de luxe treatment. Request a no-obligation consultation now for radiant skin.

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