Drs Vivian Beekman

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

BIG number: 19920141101

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Drs Beekman is a passionate and skilled cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. She works very precisely and always strives for the most natural result. The cosmetic aspect of medicine has always interested her because of the fine dexterity and precise way of working.

Drs Vivian Beekman likes to highlight all facets of cosmetic medicine. "Within Skin+Surgery, these facets come together nicely, which has allowed me to specialise in injectables and surgical treatments such as eyelid correction."



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Drs. Vivian Beekman full photo
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Drs Beekman studied medicine at the Free University of Amsterdam and successfully completed her degree. After graduating in 2015, she gained extensive experience in various hospitals in the surgery and plastic surgery departments.

Drs Beekman had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in the plastic surgery department to eventually develop further in the field of cosmetic surgery and injectables. This is where she developed her passion for the cosmetic profession. Drs Vivian Beekman successfully completed her training as a cosmetic doctor KNMG. Drs. Beekman is a certified member of the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine.


  • Cosmetic medicine KNMG, NCVG/ SOCG
  • Academic English minor
  • Master of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Medicine


Drs. Beekman specialises in the eyelid surgery en injectables, where quality and natural results are always paramount. Within Skin+Surgery, Drs. Beekman has developed further in skin-enhancing treatments such as Profhilo and Peelings. Drs. Vivian Beekman gives each client personal attention and finds it important to draw up an appropriate treatment plan together. Every person is unique and has unique wishes and goals. By listening and looking closely, the best and most beautiful results are achieved. Whether it is a physical complaint or a desire to beautify the appearance, Drs Vivian Beekman is happy to illuminate all facets of cosmetic medicine. Her goal is to put a smile on everyone's face and see clients walk out the door happy; 'A smile is worth a thousand words.' (Julie A. Walker)


  • Eyelid corrections
  • Injectable treatment
  • Wire lift treatment
  • Skin improvement (Skinbooster, Profhilo & Sculptra)
  • Peelings

Trainings and conferences

What does a Cosmetic Physician need to meet?
NVCG-certified cosmetic doctors are demonstrably competent in performing medical cosmetic treatments. They have adequate knowledge about skin problems and the products and treatment methods they use.

  • IMCAS congress, Paris
  • NVCG congresses, Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine
  • Training Lanluma, Skin+Surgery Clinics, Bergschenhoek
  • Back to Basics; local skin flap surgery course, Dr Marck

Her goal is to put a smile on everyone's face and see clients walk out the door happy; 'A smile is worth a thousand words.' (Julie A. Walker)

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