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Drs. Aletta de Wit

Doctor Aletta de Wit is a cosmetic doctor with many years of experience and she is an orthomolecular therapist as well. She writes columns for the well-known beauty blog about a wide range of topics regarding beauty (from the inside and outside!) on a regular basis.


She studied Medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Thanks to her part-time job as a model she developed a lot of affinity with aesthetics and symmetry in the face which lead to a very high interest in the field of Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Medicine during her study.

Since 2014 drs. Aletta de Wit has been working full-time as a cosmetic doctor and she performs her treatments with a lot of precision and enthusiasm with the ultimate goal to make you leave with a beautiful smile (and skin!) again.


Within Skin+Surgery Clinics she will perform anti-wrinkle treatments with Botox as well as treatments to restore wrinkles and volume loss in the face with fillers and threads. Together with you she will do a face-analysis, while listening to your personal wishes, and will then give you an honest advice about which treatments are possible to achieve the result you would like to have and to optimise the natural balance in your face in a subtle way for a fresh & youthful appearance.


Because she believes inner health and outer beauty are inseparable, she decided to  deepen her knowledge and follow the study Orthomolecular Medicine in which she graduated in 2017. “To attain a beautiful glow on the outside it is extremely important to take care of the inside too with healthy food and supplements, enough exercise, a positive mindset and stress management. A healthy outside starts from the inside.” So if you have any general questions about a healthy lifestyle or supplements, she is able to give you helpful information!


“It makes me as a cosmetic doctor more than happy when I create a big smile on someone’s face after applying subtle enhancements and can contribute to them having a positive self-image.”

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