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Summer Deal

Do you need radiant summer skin? A glow that fades wrinkles and takes you back in time. To that one warm summer evening. We would prefer to keep that feeling all year round.

We can help you with our summer deal packages. We do not look at the price per ml, but at the overall result. No gray winter skin, but the forever summer feeling. What is important is that you become the most beautiful version of yourself and walk out the door happily.

Summer Deal Packages

Our results


Summer Joy

You will see the beautiful radiant sunkissed skin of influencers on Instagram and you wonder more and more if a little botox will do your skin good. Especially since you recently read that you can prevent deeper wrinkles with it. In addition, your skin can also use a real summer glow. How nice would it be to appear on the beach with a natural glow? Especially for you we have come up with the following: Botox 1 zone, plus the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum and the SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial defense SPF50 for € 199. No one will see that you have had something done, but your skin will glow like never before. Beach babe alert.

Summer Love

You enjoy life and feel grateful. Yet you notice that your beautiful family and / or busy job take up all your time, leaving you little time for yourself. You allow yourself some me-time. Especially now that you see that your face is starting to draw and the broken nights are starting to take their toll. You are missing that extra summer spark that you used to have, your skin is dull and the fine lines are showing. We grant you that happy, in love feeling again. In love with yourself and in love with life and you will radiate that. Bring on the wonderfully relaxed beach days and the romantic warm summer evenings. This package consists of: 1 zone botox, Hyaluronic acid filler treatment a Little Glam, SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Gel and SkinCeuticals Brightening UV defense SPF 30 for € 595, -.

Summer Happiness

The years fly by and so do the summers. You have invested a lot of time in your career, your family and the people around you. You feel good, but you don’t see that in the mirror. Because although you are there for everyone, you have neglected yourself a bit. That expensive cream or simple facial treatment no longer have the desired effect. It’s time to do something about this. This will be your summer to shine. We have put together the following package for you: 2 zones botox, Hyaluronic acid filler treatment a Little Glam, the Hydrafacial Signature Glow treatment and the SkinCeuticals Brightening UV defense SPF 30 for € 995, -.

Summer Forever

Although you still have a life ahead of you, you also look back with satisfaction. You are happy with yourself, your children and what you have achieved at work. You see what is really important in life and you can enjoy the little things intensely. You are aware that not everything has been equally beautiful, but you have been able to give that a place. You are now giving yourself a present. This summer you want to shine again, but in a natural way. You feel good and you want to radiate that too. Let’s make it a summer to remember.

We have put together the following package for you: Botox Full Treatment, Hyaluronic acid filler ‘Showtime’ Full Treatment, Hydrafacial Signature Glow treatment, SkinCeuticals Brightening UV defense SPF 30 and the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum for € 1995.

Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Surgeon and Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a surgeon and certified cosmetic doctor known as one of the best in her field. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. She explains the possibilities with care and attention and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but just as well to a surgical procedure. Read more about our specialists

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Free consultation

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