Skinbooster treatment

Sad but true, when years pass by the levels of collagen and elastin (substances which are responsible for the firmness of your skin) will slowly decrease. Thereby the amount of hyaluronic acid situated in your skin will also get less making your skin look dull and feel less firm. Subtle and very natural is the effect or our so-called skinbooster, a treatment which consists of a series injections with hyaluronic acid.


With a very thin needle we inject hyaluronic acid in the superficial skin layers. Normally a filler is deposited in the deeper skin layers giving more volume locally. With a skinbooster treatment the entire skin will get a boost. Hyaluronic acid has incredible hydrating abilities, which will absorb water like a sponge. By injecting this hyaluronic acid in different area’s, the skin will get more volume, the skin’s elasticity will be improved and fine lines will fade. The amount of necessary treatments will depend on the skin condition, mostly three treatments are recommended with a period of four weeks in between. Skinbooster is perfect for younger woman who have visible signs of sun damage, smoking or an unhealthy lifestyle. There is almost no downtime.


By intensifying the Skinbooster treatment with a micro-needling treatment (Skinbooster de Luxe), you can achieve even better results. With micro-needling the hyaluronic acid is even better spread into the skin and activated to attract more water. Skin+Surgery Clinics is one of the few clinics who combine these treatments like this and is very enthusiastic about their results.




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  • Skinbooster treatment
    € 250,-
  • Skinbooster de Luxe treatment
    € 350,-

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