Breathing therapy

Breathing seems to be so easy and we usually do not really think about the way we breath. A big part from our energy we get out of breathing. We need oxygen for all the cells in our body. If your breathing is not efficient, your body is not able to function at an optimal level. To be able to control your breath is actually a real art. There are several ways of breathing, when you are running you breath in a different way then when you are asleep. You might even notice that you are holding your breath when you open your mailbox or when you are having a though conversation at work. Often we are in a hurry which makes us breath superficially and fast, while we actually perform way better when we relax and breath slowly.


During breathing therapy you will learn to connect to your breath. This is a self-healing and transforming process. Connected breathing will also integrate suppressed thoughts and emotions. This will create more space and clearance in your subconsciousness.


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