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You feel better when you eat healthy and make sure you get enough exercise. On a daily basis we are being exposed to chemicals and harmful E-numbers in our food. No wonder it takes so much energy to process all of this. At the same time we are being bombed with all sorts of dietary advices. Now what should we and what shouldn’t we eat?


Are you stuck with questions like: How can I make my diet more healthy and tasty? How do I get more energy? Which foods should I eat to support my skin? Then with us you are at the right place. You can make an appointment with our detox coach. She will tell you what is possible and together you will create a food plan based on your needs.


Our food contains less and less of the important nutrients which are highly needed to keep a fit and healthy body. That is why we advise to take high quality supplements, not only for a healthy body, but also for cosmetic purposes to improve and support your skin and to help out with several skin conditions like acne, allergies and premature skin ageing. We recommend LaViesage Nutricometics.


LaViesage Nutricosmetics

LaViesage Nutricosmetics is a very special food supplement which will give you a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. All the supplements are being made of natural and sustainable nutrients. With the help of powerful anti-oxidants like Spirulina, Betacarotene, vitamin C and E, Zinc, Selenium and Green tea-extract, your skin will be protected against free radicals and ionic radiation. With the ‘boost & lift anti-aging formula’ the collagen production is also being stimulated with as a result the effect of a facelift and a beautiful, full & firm skin coming from within.


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