Cryopen/Plasma pen

Pigmentation spots or benign moles on your skin can be unflattering and disturbing. Cryotherapy can be the solution. Cryotherapy is a controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by using extreme cold. It works with N2O (nitrous oxide), also known as laughing gas. By treating the area with the Cryopen pigmentation spots and age spots will disappear.


A different option for problem areas of the skin, is a treatment with a Plasma pen. The Plasma Pen treatment is based on plasma which derives as a result of ionised gas molecules. During the treatment the skin will be treated on a small scale with plasma energy. As a reaction the skin tissue will contract, creating a lifting effect. With this we can, for example, remove smokers lines and persistent wrinkles without any scarring or damaging the skin. Do not hesitate to book in a free consultation. Our specialised doctors are more than happy to give you an honest advice.


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