Labia correction

Maybe it hurts when you are horseback riding or riding your bicycle.. or wearing tight jeans can feel uncomfortable or you experience pain during sex. Also when the inner labia appear to be larger than the outer labia this can cause irritation. Many women are ashamed of these problems, but it is more common then you would think. The labia correction is a very common procedure which can help out with problems as mentioned above.


With a labia correction the inner labia’s are being downsized. The reason for this procedure can be out of aesthetic reasons or on medical grounds. The inner labia’s (labia minora) will be downsized in a way that they will fit within the outer labia (labia majora) and will be better protected. During a consultation our female surgeon will ask you about your complaints and your wishes. Don’t be scared to be open because we are here for you and we will do our very best to help you with your problems.


  • Treatment
  • Labia correction
    € 995,-
  • V-lift (additional price)
    € 250,-
  • Clitoral Hood (additional price)
    € 250,-


Skin + Surgery Clinics | Labia correction After
Skin + Surgery Clinics | Labia correction Before

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