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There is a lot of taboo when it comes to the topic ‘vagina’. About the difference in anatomy, about skin abnormalities and vaginal discharge, about the pleasure (or lack of it..) we experience during sex. In our clinic, Skin+Surgery Clinics, we talk about these subjects in a personal and discrete way. Because of the ageing process, the menopause or giving birth the vaginal tissue can stretch and loose its elasticity. Also a lower level of collagen can cause loss of elasticity.


Vaginal loosening can cause a decrease of sensation during sex or even cause sudden urine loss. One of the three women have to deal with this on a regular basis after giving birth. Many times this complaint remains to be unspoken and therefore untreated. While these complaints can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and confidence as a women. Luckily there is a treatment that can help you feel like a woman again, the Geneveve® treatment.


The Geneveve® treatment

Geneveve® is a treatment with which we can tighten the vaginal tissue with radio frequency. Hereby the vagina is being treated, mainly around the urethral opening. The vibrations warm up the skin so more collagen is being produced. This you do not feel because the area is being cooled simultaneously.


During the treatment you lay down and the device will be carefully placed in the vagina. The device is small and it is not painful. Anaesthetics are not necessary. Then the device will treat the area 360 degrees around with radio frequency vibrations which will penetrate deep into the tissue to stimulate collagen production. The treatment is entirely painless and comfortable and will take about 45 minutes. Usually only one session is necessary. Because the surface of the vaginal wall is not being damaged and only the inner part of the vagina is being treated, you can get back to your daily routine immediately. There is no down-time. When we are treating to stop urinary incontinence the device is being placed a little bit deeper into the vagina and the area around the urethra is being treated. This treatment takes an hour. Often the Geneveve® treatment is being combined with a treatment of the labia major. A tightening effect is mostly directly visible.


The result

During the first 3 months your body will respond by slowly producing new collagen, so the vaginal tissue is being revitalised. An improved sensation during sex and a better bladder control are the result! This will of course lead to a nice boost in your confidence as well.

The effect of the treatment mostly lasts for about a year. Factors of influence like your own genetic ‘makeup’, your age and your lifestyle, will eventually decide what the end result will be like.


The Geneveve® treatment has been widely researched in several scientific studies in the US, Japan and Canada. These showed that the treatment lead to statistically significant and long lasting tightening of the vaginal wall and an improvement in the sexual aspect and satisfaction during 12 months. The treatment has been acknowledged in 50 countries for the treatment of vaginal loosening and improving the sexual function, without any significant side effects.

For more information about the scientific studies:



After the treatments you can experience some discomfort. Below you will find our advices after the treatment.

  • the first days the treated area can feel a little bit sensitive. This is completely normal and will become less.
  • At home you are allowed to use Paracetomol if necessary.
  • In case the vagina hurts a bit when urinating, you can calm down the area by rinsing the area around the labia with some cold water.
  • The first two days it is not allowed to use tampons, have sex, bicycle, wear tight jeans of go horseback riding.



A client says: “Three months after the treatment I really experience the area being stimulated. This makes me want to have sex again. You know that something exciting, something fun is going to happen. Before the treatment I did not get in the mood easily, simply because I did not feel that much.”


  • Treatment
  • Geneveve treatment second session within a year
    € 1250,-
  • Geneveve treatment first session
    € 1750 ,-

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