Vaginal rejuvenation

That one deep wrinkle in your face is a topic you do not mind talking about, but to share your intimate problems is mostly a different story. Although vaginal complaints like irritation, dryness, loosening of the vaginal tissue or a decrease in sensation during sex are very common. Because of shame too many women keep walking around with their problems. After the menopause 25% of the women in age class 50-59 experience dryness, before the menopause this  17%. Nowadays we have many medical possibilities to help out with these vaginal problems.


A vaginal rejuvenation will make sure the vagina will become tighter and more lubricant. This treatment is being performed when women experience vaginal problems. These problems can occur after using oral anti-conception, because of a hormonal disbalance, stress, auto-immune disease or certain types of medication. Thereby the level of oestrogen goes down as we get older, which causes a shortage of collagen.


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  • Vaginal rejuvenation
    € 1450,-

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