Ageing beautifully

We all want to age in a beautiful and elegant way. And although we appreciate the wisdom that comes with time, we do not really appreciate the signs that time leaves on our skin. Skin+Surgery Clinics believes that when you put effort in taking care of your body and wellbeing, inside and outside, the years will only make you more beautiful. Skin+Surgery Clinics loves to help you age in a graceful way, so your age will be nothing more than a number. You are just as beautiful as you feel you are.


Injectable treatment

Vertical frown wrinkles give you an angry or tired look. Also forehead lines are typical signs of ageing. To prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper, a Injectable treatment can be the perfect solution. With the right dosage and injection technique of the botulinum toxin you will keep your own facial expression while looking well-rested and fresh. Read more about our Injectable treatment


Wrinkle treatments

Wrinkles and fine lines turn deeper as you age, causing a older appearance. At Skin+Surgery Clinics we are specialised in reducing or fading wrinkles by injecting Injectable or fillers. Where Injectable relaxes a muscle, filler is a beautiful product to fill up wrinkles or folds. During a free consultation we will have a close look at your face, after which we will give you an honest advice about which treatment suits you best. A natural result is very important to us. By reducing some features in the face that you are not entirely happy with, your strong features will turn out to be in the spotlight again. With that you will get a big boost in your confidence as well so you will be ready to conquer the world. Read more about our wrinkle treatments


Thread lift

When sagging skin or asymmetries in your face are bothering you, injectables are not always enough to achieve the result you are longing for. In that case a thread lift might be the solution for you. Our doctor Thanya is a real specialist when it comes to the thread lift treatment. A thread lift is an advanced technique which, with the help of absorbable threads, can lift different areas of your body and face. A surgical procedure is not necessary. The thread lift gives a beautiful and natural result.



After your fiftieth your face will start to show signs of ageing. Your skin is getting less firm, the volume in your face decreases and the jawline will loose its definition. When the degree of sagging is too much to resolve it with filler or threads, a facelift can be the solution. You can discuss this together with our surgeon, [Read more]


  • Treatment
  • Frown wrinkle
    € 149,-
  • Crow’s feet or smiling lines
    € 149,-
  • Forehead lines
    € 149,-
  • Filler Marionetlines
    € 445,-
  • Filler Eyes / Tear throughs
    € 445,-
  • Thread lift: PDO-threads
    price starts from € 400,-
  • Thread lift: Happy Lift
    price starts from € 1250,-
  • Thread lift: Silhouette soft
    price starts from € 1500,-
  • Facelift
    price starts from € 3500,-

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