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There is a lot of taboo when it comes to the topic ‘vagina’. About the difference in anatomy, about skin abnormalities and vaginal discharge, about the pleasure (or lack of it..) we experience during sex. In our clinic, Skin+Surgery Clinics, we talk about these subjects in a personal and discrete way. Because of the ageing process, the menopause or giving birth the vaginal tissue can stretch and loose its elasticity. Also a lower level of collagen can cause loss of elasticity.


Vaginal loosening can cause a decrease of sensation during sex or even cause sudden urine loss. One of the three women have to deal with this on a regular basis after giving birth. Many times this complaint remains to be unspoken and therefore untreated. While these complaints can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and confidence as a women. Luckily nowadays you can decide to do something about it.


The Geneveve® treatment

Geneveve® is a treatment with which we can tighten the vaginal tissue with radio frequency. Hereby the vagina is being treated, mainly around the urethral opening. The vibrations warm up the skin so more collagen is being produced. Your vagina will be more sensitive, feel tighter and complaints of urinary incontinence will become less of may even resolve completely. [Read more, link to treatment]


Vaginal Rejuvenation

With a vaginal rejuvenation the vagina is being treated with a special hyaluronic acid which will make the vagina feel tighter and more lubricant. This treatment is being performed when women experience vaginal problems. These problems can occur after using oral anti-conception, because of a hormonal disbalance, stress, auto-immune disease or certain types of medication. [read more, link to treatment]


Labia correction

Physical suffering of the labia can happen at any age. Maybe it hurts when you are horseback riding or riding your bicycle.. or wearing tight jeans can feel uncomfortable or you experience pain during sex. Also when the inner labia appear to be larger than the outer labia this can cause irritation. Many women are ashamed of these problems, but it is more common then you would think. The labia correction is a very common procedure which can help out with problems as mentioned above. You can talk about this with our specialist. [read more, link to treatment]


  • Treatment
  • Geneveve treatment first session
    € 1750,-
  • Geneveve treatment second session within a year
    € 1250,-
  • Vagina rejuvenation
    € 1450,-
  • Labia correction incl. V-lift or clitoral hood
    € 1250,-

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