Get rid of under eye bags

Are you suffering from under-eye bags? There are different ways to make under-eye bags less visible. Nothing is more annoying than being asked if you are tired all the time, while actually you are not. Sometimes bags under your eyes are easy to resolve without immediately having to think about lower eyelid surgery


SkinCeuticals products

Next to a cosmetic procedure we always advice to use high quality skincare products as well. Skin+Surgery works with the products of SkinCeuticals. This brand has its origin in the USA, but nowadays SkinCeuticals is being advised and used by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and skin-experts from all over the world on a daily basis, for their own skincare routine or to support their clinical treatments. To decrease the appearance of under-eye bags we advise the A.G.E. Eye Complex. This eye cream will decrease dark circles and under-eye bags with help of the anti-oxidative effect of Vitamin C.


Fillers Tear Troughs

Volume loss of the area underneath the eyes can cause dark shadows which can give you a tired appearance. This loss of volume and the dark circles that come with it can be seen right at the border between the lower eyelid and the cheek. With the help of a small amount of filler you can fill up this crease (we call this the tear through) so you will get a more rested and fresh look again.


Threadlift for lifting the under eye bags

When the tired eyes are not caused by the loss of volume but by the loss of skin elasticity, you can also consider a thread lift treatment. The thread lift is an advanced technique which can lift the saggy skin of the lower eyelid area, using absorbable threads. Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a real specialist when it comes to thread lifting. Book in for a free consultation and get a personal advice.


Eyelid surgery

Excessive skin on your eyelids can give you a tired appearance and can make you look many years older. By surgically removing the eye bags and excessive skin, we can really take those added years and the tiredness away from your face. Are you curious about whether or not an eyelid surgery would be the solution for you? Ask our specialists!




  • Treatment
  • Filler Eyes / Tear throughs
    € 445,-
  • Eyelid surgery
    price starts from € 950,-

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