Happy Face

Nothing is more attractive than a person that looks happy. When this is held back because of wrinkles, fine lines or a loss of volume, that can be very annoying. Do you look sad, while actually you are not? Skin+Surgery Clinics has many different treatments to help you.


Frown wrinkle

The frown wrinkle is often responsible for an angry or sad look, as well in men as in women. The frown wrinkle appears when you contract the eyebrows and we do so, a lot of times without being aware of it, many times a day. With different emotions, but also while concentrating or when the sunlight is very bright. As we get older, the elasticity of our skin decreases, which makes that the frown wrinkle at one point remains visible when relaxing the muscle again. Luckily the frown wrinkle is very easy to treat. [more information]


Hanging mouth corners or marionetlines

When the corners of the mouth face downwards or when marionetlines start to show this can be in the way of a happy look. They can make you look unfriendly or unhappy, while this maybe is not the case. You can even notice it in the way people behave around you or the way they approach you. Hanging mouth corners of marionetlines can start to show when there is a loss of volume in the face and are not necessarily bound to a certain age. We see many young clients in our clinic with this problem. Skin+Surgery Clinics is more than happy to help you find a treatment that suits you. So you can have your warm and friendly appearance back that fits with who you are. [more information]


Eye bags

No one gets happy from a pair of eye bags. It is often the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror. You look tired or sad and make-up only helps until a certain point. When people around you are constantly asking if you are tired, this can make you very insecure. Skin+Surgery Clinics offers different solutions for eye bags, without immediately having to think of a lower eyelid surgery. We also treat eye bags with fillers or a thread lift, for example. Treatments will always be performed in a subtle way, so you will get a natural result and simply recognise a slightly younger version of yourself when looking in the mirror.


Mid-facelift with threads

Saggy skin around the mouth or loss of definition around the jawline can give you a tired look. This occurs when we get older because the volume in the different fat compartments in our face slowly decreases. Would you like to treat a saggy jawline or saggy cheeks, but not ready for a facelift? Then a thread lift treatment of the mid-face and jawline can be a perfect solution. This way you can turn back time a little bit. The thread lift is an advanced technique which can lift the saggy skin of the jawline or cheeks, using absorbable threads. Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a real specialist when it comes to thread lifting. Book in for a free consultation and a personal advice. (Link video thread lift information and video thread lift treatment)



As the skin looses its elasticity and loss of volume in the face occurs, it can happen that you do not recognise your own happy self anymore when looking in the mirror. When the degree of sagging is too much to resolve with filler or threads, a facelift can be the solution. You can discuss this together with our surgeon. [Read more, link to treatment)


  • Treatment
  • Frown wrinkle
    € 149,-
  • Filler Marionetlines
    € 445,-
  • Thread lift: PDO-threads
    price starts from € 400,-
  • Thread lift: Happy Lift
    price starts from € 1250,-
  • Thread lift: Silhouette soft
    price starts from € 1500,-
  • Facelift
    price starts from € 4000,-

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