Lip Augmentation

Beautiful full lips are sensual and a sign of female beauty. Lips are a real eye catcher in the face. When you are not blessed with full lips yourself, the lips can very subtle be made fuller with a filler treatment. We always look very precisely to the natural shape of the lips and the ratio of the upper- and lower lip. As we get older the volume of the lips will get less and the lips will become smaller, because of this little lines around the lips (the so-called smokers lines) can start to show. These fine lines can be filled at the same time to make them less visible.


Lip fillers

The number of people coming in for a treatment of the lips has increased tremendously in the last couple of years. Skin+Surgery Clinics is a specialist within the field of lip fillers and offers many different possibilities. Normally your lips are being filled with hyaluronic acid fillers. But sometimes your lips are already full and you just want to create more ‘pout’. This we can achieve by injecting a tiny bit of Injectable around the mouth, so your lips will tend to curl a bit more. We also use this technique for lessening the smokers lines.

The Injectable needs to be injected with the right dosage and at the right position, so only let a specialist perform this treatment.


Dry lips

Everyone experiences dry lips every now and then, sometimes you cannot leave the house without some lip balm. A light filler can also be a perfect solution for this problem. By injecting hyaluronic acid in the lips, we can rehydrate the lips again. This gives a natural look and the lips will be nicely hydrated. Another benefit that adds up is the fact that a lipstick or gloss will look even better and stays on longer. It’s time to conquer the world with your irresistible lips.


  • Treatment
  • Filler Eyes / Tear throughs
    € 445,-
  • Eyelid surgery
    price starts from € 950,-

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