Aging well

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Aging well

You are as beautiful as you feel.

We all want to age in a beautiful way. And while we embrace the wisdom that comes with time, we don’t appreciate the marks it leaves on our skin. Skin + Surgery Clinics believes that when you give care and attention to your inner well-being and outer beauty, the years will only make you more beautiful. Skin + Surgery Clinics is happy to help you age in a graceful way, so that your age is no more than a number. You are as beautiful as you feel.


The named results cannot be guaranteed. The results differ from person to person. We cannot make any concrete statements about how your body responds to certain treatments or products.

Vertical frown lines make your look angry and tired. Forehead wrinkles are also signs of aging. To prevent wrinkles from getting deeper, an Injectable treatment can be the perfect solution. With the correct dosage and placement of the injectable you maintain your own facial features and you look rested and fresh.

When you suffer from sagging or asymmetry in the face, injectables are not always sufficient. The thread lift treatment can then offer a solution. Our doctor doctor Thanya Tha-In is the absolute specialist when it comes to the thread lift treatment. The thread lift is an advanced technique that, using dissolvable threads, can lift different areas of your face or body. No surgical intervention is required. The thread lift gives a beautiful and natural result. Read more

After the age of 50, your face starts to show signs of aging. The skin becomes weaker, the volume in your face decreases and the jawline becomes less defined. When the amount of sagging cannot be resolved properly with a filler or thread lift treatment, a facelift can offer a solution. You and our surgeon can discuss this together. Read more

Aging well

Our results of aging well

You are as beautiful as you feel. Give nature a helping hand with a thread lift, facelift, injectable or wrinkle treatment that will make you look more youthful, fresher and happier. Convince yourself of the natural result and also opt for beautiful aging.

Aging well

Quality is our passion

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Drs. Elizia Soares

Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Soares studied medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After her studies she worked in various specialties including surgery, emergency care and followed the general practitioner training. For several years she has specialized in cosmetic treatments with injectables and treatments aimed at skin improvement. Read more about our specialists arrow-right

Aging well

Prices and fees

Beautiful aging is a choice. You can contact Skin + Surgery for the treatment of a frown wrinkle, a filler, or a facelift. And much more. Our transparent rates are linked to the treatment form. Cosmetic treatments are normally not reimbursed.

Frown lines

€ 149,-

Crow's feet or smile lines

€ 149,-

Forehead lines

€ 149,-

Filler treatment of the corners of the mouth / marionette lines

€ 445,-

Filler treatment for dark circles

€ 445,-

Thread lift: PDO threads

From € 400,-

Thread lift: Happy Lift

From € 1250,-

Thread lift: Silhouette soft

From € 1500,-


From € 3500,-
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Aging well

Show everyone that age is just a number

Volume loss and skin aging on the face can be counteracted. Skin + Surgery gracefully ages you beautifully. Experience it yourself.

Free consultation

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The aforementioned results cannot be guaranteed. The results differ from person to person. We cannot make any concrete statements about how your body responds to certain treatments or products.

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