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Fuller lips

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Fuller lips

Lips are a real eye-catcher on your face.

Beautiful full lips are sensual and feminine. Lips are a real eye-catcher on your face. If you are not blessed with full lips, the lips can be subtly made a bit fuller with a filler treatment. We pay close attention to the ratio between the upper and lower lip and make it equal. We can also remedy the smoking lines around your lips. As we age, the lip volume decreases and our lips shrink. This creates fine wrinkles around the mouth, also called smoker’s lines. [read more]

Demand for the lip filler treatment has exploded in recent years. Skin + Surgery Clinics is a specialist in lip fillers and offers various options. Normally, lips are filled with hyaluronic acid fillers. But sometimes you already have full lips of your own and you want to curl your lip more, or create “more pout”. We can achieve this by injecting a little Injectable around the mouth muscle, giving your lips a more pursed look. In addition, we also use it to reduce smoking lines.
The Injectable must be injected in the right dosage and in the right place, so only have it done by a specialist. [read more]

Everyone sometimes suffers from dry lips, sometimes you cannot leave the house without lip care. A light filler can help. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, we can rehydrate the lips. This gives a natural look and the lips are nicely hydrated. Another additional advantage is that lipstick or gloss stays better and longer. Conquer the world with your irresistible lips. [read more]

Fuller lips

Our results for fuller lips

The Skin + Surgery specialists restore the volume of your lips with lipfillers and fix smoker’s lines. Your fuller lips become an eye-catcher of your face again. You get lips to kiss. The beautiful, natural results speak for themselves.

Fuller lips

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Drs. Elizia Soares

Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Soares studied medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After her studies she worked in various specialties including surgery, emergency care and followed the general practitioner training. For several years she has specialized in cosmetic treatments with injectables and treatments aimed at skin improvement. Read more about our specialists arrow-right

Fuller lips

Prices and Fees

Skin + Surgery prices are transparent and fair. The rate depends on the number of treatment places, injectables and treatments. Normally, this cosmetic facial improvement is not eligible for a healthcare reimbursement.

Filler for the lips

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Fuller lips

Show your femininity and sensuality

Regain your femininity and sensuality with lip fillers that subtly and naturally plump up your lips. Request a free consultation now.

Free consultation

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070-200 20 70
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