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Eyebrow lift

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Eyebrow lift

With an injectable treatment we can subtly lift the eyebrows.

Drooping eyebrows can make you look tired or angry, even if you don’t feel that way at all. Hanging eyebrows can also cause a heavy feeling, or get tension complaints because you are constantly raising your eyebrows yourself. Did you know that this can be remedied very well with a simple injectable treatment?


This injectable contains a substance that has a muscle relaxing effect. By piercing at the right places on the forehead and above the eyebrows, we can influence the functioning of certain muscles. This way we provide a lifting effect, which makes your eyebrows rise slightly. The result is a fresh, open look.


It can also occur that there is (slight) asymmetry of the eyebrows. When you relax your face, one eyebrow will be slightly higher than the other. It may also be that you talk a lot with your eyebrows and continuously raise them, causing wrinkles on the forehead. In many cases this can be solved well with this eyebrow lift treatment.


The effect of this injectable treatment is temporary and lasts for approximately 3 to 4 months. This makes it a very safe treatment. Still, it is important to find an experienced and specialized cosmetic doctor. If you inject in the wrong place, you can achieve the opposite result and the eyebrows can hang.


At Skin + Surgery we perform these treatments on a daily basis. This makes our doctors very experienced specialists. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Then schedule a free consultation so that we can provide you with personal and no-obligation advice.

Eyebrow lift

Our results with an eyebrow lift

An eyebrow lift using injectables gives good results for about 3 to 4 months. This simple treatment can be repeated afterwards. View the results of previous eyebrow lift treatments here.

Eyebrow lift

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Drs. Leanne Wong

Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Leanne Wong is a certified cosmetic physician and aims to help people good and more confident. Not by trying to achieve certain standards, but by accentuating the individual and natural beauty of her clients. Read more about our specialists

Eyebrow lift

Prices and fees

An eyebrow lift using injectables is affordable for a wide range of people. Skin + Surgery is transparent in its prices. In principle, a cosmetic injectable treatment is not reimbursed by the health insurer.

Eyebrow lift

From € 100, -

Eyebrow lift

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific wrinkles, such as the frown lines, forehead lines, or crow’s feet, can be reduced by relaxing the muscle that causes them. This is done with the help of an injectable neuromodulator (BTX). It blocks certain signals in the muscle so that it cannot contract and relaxes, helping to smooth lines and wrinkles.


The toxin treats wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements. That makes the treatment very suitable from the mid-20s to the early 30s, and you want to work preventively on wrinkles that develop later.

Although it is a very popular treatment, there is a fear among some that it is a harmful substance with a high risk of permanent damage. However, there have been numerous clinical studies that prove time and again that this injectable is considered very safe with minimal risks and side effects.


Nevertheless, with any injectable treatment it is important to find a qualified doctor with specialist and proven experience. This is because if not injected skilfully, it can inadvertently spread to other areas, leading to muscle relaxation in the wrong place.


At the other extreme, injecting too much or too often can lead to a frozen can.


Fortunately, in either case, the results are never permanent and will gradually disappear over three to four months.

The treatment always starts with a consultation, in which it is extensively discussed what bothers you and what you want to achieve. We will look at your medical background and decide what is best for you in terms of treatment. We take photos so that we have a good idea of before and after the treatment.


Your face will then be cleaned and the doctor will prick the areas to be treated. It is a fairly smooth treatment that usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes.


There may be some red spots, but generally you are presentable immediately after the treatment.

Try not to lie down for the first 90 minutes. There is then a small risk of spreading. However, this hardly occurs. After an hour and a half, the injectable is bound to the muscle and lying down is no longer harmful.


Don’t exercise for 24 hours: Exercise increases circulation in the body, including the face, causing your face to blush and turn red when you exercise. This increased circulation is great for your skin, but it increases the likelihood that some or all of the injectable will leave the area via sweat before it is fully absorbed by the neuromuscular junction.


Four hours of no pressure on the areas that have been treated: this includes wearing tight hats or caps or icepacks that press against the skin. Again, we run the risk that the injectable will spread and work in an area where we do not want it to. You can wash your face that same evening, but we recommend waiting a day with hard scrub products.

Since the injectable must bind to receptors to relax the muscles, the effects are not immediately noticeable.


The results start to work as early as day two or three, but it may take ten to 14 days for the muscle to fully relax.


Fine lines and wrinkles continue to improve when the muscles are in a relaxed state and the wrinkles cannot form. This keeps improving as you repeat the injectable.


That said, every person is different. Since your body keeps making new receptors and neurotransmitters, the person will differ for how long the relaxing effect lasts. On average we see that the effects of the treatment last between 3 and 4 months.

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Eyebrow lift

An open, fresh perspective

We can give you a fresh look back with the help of an injectable. Do you want to know how we can help you? Make an appointment now for a free consultation.

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