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The injectable aids in wound healing, making the scar less red and less wide.

Ugly scars are disfiguring and can make you feel insecure. Recent scientific research has shown that Injectable can be used to treat scars and keloid formation (excessive scarring). The Injectable aids in wound healing, making the scar less red and less wide. Skin + Surgery Clinics specializes in this treatment and is happy to contribute to your beauty. Book a no-obligation consultation for personal advice.


Our results with injectables scars

Treating scars with the body’s own hyaluronic acid gives striking results. The skin structure is improved and the scars are corrected by filling. Our clients show what injectables can do for you for scar reduction.


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Drs. Kristel Woltman

Surgeon and Certified Cosmetic Physician

Drs. Kristel Woltman has specialized in general surgery after her education at Erasmus University. Today she has performed many additional cosmetic procedures, from injectable treatments to surgical, aesthetic procedures. She is now an absolute specialist in the field of upper eyelid corrections. Dr. Kristel is a perfectionist and passionate doctor who focuses on your story and what you want to achieve. Read more about our specialists


Prices and fees

Visible scar injectables offer an affordable solution for every wallet. Thanks to a fixed rate, you know exactly where you stand at Skin + Surgery. Any reimbursement by your health insurer depends on your additional package.


€ 149 per treatment

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Smooth and natural skin

There is something to be done about scars. Injectables are a scientifically proven method to regain smooth and natural looking skin.

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