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Skin improvement with injectables

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Skin improvement with injectables

A natural and even glow, without the help of a thick layer of make-up.

Have you dreamed of glowing skin for years? A natural and even glow, without the help of a thick layer of make-up? Recent research has shown that injectable improves the quality of the skin when it is injected into the skin. The injecatble reduces skin redness and also fades superficial vascular markings such as rosacea. In addition, the sebum production decreases, so that you get less breakouts and your skin becomes smoother. We are seeing amazing results in our clinic. Are you curious about what we can do for you? You are welcome for a no-obligation consultation.

Skin improvement with injectables

Our results of skin improvement with injectables

Skin + Surgery achieves amazing results with injectables that rejuvenate and improve your skin. Redness and superficial vascular markings disappear, pimples have less chance due to a reduced sebum release. Take a quick look at the good results with our clients.

Skin improvement with injectables

Quality is our passion

Free consultation

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Dr. Thanya Tha-In

Surgeon and Certified Cosmetic Physician

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is a surgeon and certified cosmetic doctor known as one of the best in her field. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. She explains the possibilities with care and attention and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but just as well to a surgical procedure. Read more about our specialists

Skin improvement with injectables

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery is transparent and fair in its prices. You know in advance exactly which rate is charged per treatment. A number of skin improvement treatments are reimbursed through additional health insurance. Inquire about this with your health insurer.

Skin improvement with injectables

€ 149 per treatment

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Skin improvement with injectables

Smooth and radiant skin

Skin improvement with injectables makes you the best version of yourself. You get an even skin with a natural glow, which makes you happy.

Free consultation

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070-200 20 70
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