Paralysis in the face

After half-sided paralysis, injectables help restore your face to a more symmetrical shape and reduce wrinkles on the unaffected side.


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Facial paralysis? The injectable offers a solution.

Treatment with Injectable may be the perfect solution.

Paralysis in the face

Half-sided facial paralysis due to a TIA, stroke, facial paresis or Bell's paralysis is unfortunately more common than thought. Due to the failure of the facial nerve (Nervus facialis) on one side of the face, you may end up with more wrinkles on the unaffected side.

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Paralysis in the face

Our results for facial paralysis

Skin + Surgery achieves good results with injectables for half-sided facial paralysis due to a TIA, stroke, facial paresis or Bell's paralysis. Your face will become more symmetrical as a result. See results that depend on the degree of loss.

Mandy - Verified

Excellent service

I was 1000% pleased with the treatment. I was very well talked through everything and put at ease. I can't say anything about the end result yet, because I'm still wearing patches.

Anonymous - Pubic lip surgery


The doctor and assistant are super sweet, put you at ease and also very knowledgeable. The app of skin+surgery is also very nice to keep track of the recovery and you can always contact them with questions

Marianne Verified

Very pleasant experience

The intake was very pleasant, time was taken and clear explanations given. The correction was done in a pleasant atmosphere and I am very happy with the result. Aftercare is also done carefully and with attention. I benefited a lot from the app. All my questions were answered there and I was given good instructions.

Addie - Verified


Anaesthetic unpleasant but everything painless afterwards. Fine and friendly guidance. Quiet environment with pleasant staff.


A nice and familiar feeling

She gave me the familiar feeling I had not had before this. The calmness she exudes, the time she takes for you and her honesty.

How does this treatment work?


Consultation with doctor


Consultation with doctor

During the consultation with the cosmetic doctor, ample time is taken to discuss everything. You can also ask all your questions and express your wishes. The doctor will tell you how the treatment will proceed and what you can expect from the final result. A good explanation will be given about aftercare, any risks and the final result you can expect. Would you like to undergo the treatment? Then everything will be noted in your file and you will sign the treatment agreement together with the cosmetic doctor. Photographs are taken for your file, which can be compared with the final result.





The Botulinum toxin will be injected into the armpits using a very narrow needle. Most Botulinum toxin treatments are done without anaesthesia. Do you find this an unpleasant feeling? Then a numbing cream can be used in consultation with the doctor. To combat swelling, the skin will be cooled with an ice pack after the treatment.





After treatment, you can go home immediately. Sometimes the skin will still be a little red and small bruises will appear. This will go away by itself and is not serious. You are advised to avoid sports and alcohol for at least the first 24 hours. Do not bring the skin into contact with extreme heat (tanning bed, sauna).





The risk of complications very small. There is, as with any surgery, a small risk of infection or allergy.

Paralysis in the face

Prices and fees

Skin + Surgery's fees are fair and transparent. The price for injectables depends on the degree of facial paralysis. Check with your health insurer whether you are eligible for reimbursement in the supplementary package.

Paralysis in the face Depending on the indication
Dr Tha-In

Doctor Thanya Tha-In is one of the founders of SkinSurgery Clinics and studied medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Thanya looks beyond the area to be treated and is genuinely interested in you as a person. With care and attention, she explains your options and is realistic in the expected result. This applies to treatment with injectables, but equally to surgery.

Dr Thanya Tha-In

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Kristel Woltman is not only a cosmetic surgeon but also a general surgeon. Her passion extends beyond enhancing beauty; she is equally dedicated to improving overall well-being. Many of her treatments are medically motivated. Known for her meticulous approach and unwavering commitment, Dr. Kristel prioritizes natural-looking results. She believes in preserving individuality, stating, "I value uniqueness and shy away from artificiality.''

Dr Kristel Woltman

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician
Drs. Leanne

Drs Wong is a true all-rounder within Skin+Surgery Clinics. She is a perfectionist and always strives to achieve the most beautiful result. "I gained my experience in general surgery and plastic surgery. During my cosmetic medicine training, things kept coming up, allowing me to broaden my horizons. Within Skin+Surgery, I have specialised in injectables and surgical treatments."

Drs. Leanne Wong

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Drs Amra Sabanovic is an all-round cosmetic doctor, in every treatment she can express her creativity to achieve the most beautiful and long-lasting results. The Liquid Facelift treatment and Labia correction are her favourite treatment which she performs frequently. At Skin + Surgery clinics, she is the real expert. 'I personally find a full face treatment the most beautiful treatment to perform. It really gives a fresher and younger look, which you see good effects of for a longer period of time.' It is a nice step on giving the face a subtle lift where you see immediate results.

Drs Amra Sabanovic

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Drs Beekman is a passionate and skilled cosmetic doctor at SkinSurgery. She works very precisely and always strives for the most natural result. The cosmetic aspect of medicine has always interested her because of the fine dexterity and precise way of working. Drs Vivian Beekman likes to highlight all facets of cosmetic medicine. "Within Skin+Surgery, these facets come together nicely, which has allowed me to specialise in injectables and surgical treatments such as eyelid correction."

Drs Vivian Beekman

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Dr Tessa Drijkoningen is a passionate and skilled cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. In addition to her extensive experience as a doctor of surgery and plastic surgery, she also holds a doctorate in plastic surgery. Dr Tessa always treats her clients holistically to maintain a beautiful and natural appearance.

Dr Tessa Drijkoningen

Cosmetic Doctor

Drs Suzanne van Soest is a highly skilled and passionate cosmetic doctor with an undeniable dedication and passion for beauty. With her extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine, she has built a reputation as a reliable and experienced specialist in her field.

Drs Suzanne van Soest

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician

Dr Lara van de Lande is a perfectionist and driven cosmetic doctor at Skin+Surgery. Besides her extensive experience as a doctor of surgery and plastic surgery, she also has a PhD in scientific research on congenital facial abnormalities and their treatments.

Dr Lara van de Lande

Cosmetic Doctor

Drs. Aletta de Wit is a true all-rounder within SkinSurgery Clinics. Drs Aletta de Wit is our specialist when it comes to wrinkle treatments and treatments aimed at restoring contours and volume loss in the face. She does this using injectables and PDO threads as well as skin-enhancing treatments with skin boosters and peels. Drs Aletta de Wit looks closely at your face, listens to your personal wishes and provides honest advice in what suitable options are available to subtly optimise the proportions of your face and bring it back into harmony for a fresh, youthful appearance.

Drs Aletta de Wit

KNMG Certified Cosmetic Physician
Dominique SkinSurgery Clinics

Skin specialist Dominique Kortenoeven is a true skin improvement specialist within Skin+Surgery Clinics. "Helping people inside and out that's what is my favourite thing to do. I always try to build a special bond with my clients by listening carefully and giving expert advice, everyone is unique. I apply my experience in the field of skin improvement during my treatments."

Dominique Kortenoeven

Certified skin specialist

Skin specialist Naomi Sambo is a true all-round skin improvement specialist within Skin+Surgery Clinics. By listening carefully to your specific wishes and drawing up a personal treatment plan together, she helps you get to the most beautiful version of yourself step by step. Besides the fact that her treatments are very effective, she also finds it important that you experience a moment of rest. That you don't have to do anything for a while. Because when you relax, your body can recover best.

Naomi Sambo

Certified skin specialist

Skin specialist Michelle is a true all-round skin improvement specialist within Skin+Surgery Clinics. Her dedication to the profession and ability to provide clients with an unparalleled experience make her a valuable asset to the Skin+Surgery Clinics team. With her in-depth knowledge, she will focus on treatments such as Hydrafacial, peels, connective tissue massage and the acclaimed skinceutical facials. These treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty and make your skin glow.

Michelle Kok

Certified skin specialist

Paralysis in the face

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that is not answered? Feel free to contact us Monday to Sunday, between 08:00 and 22:00, at the following number or email.

What is it?

Specific wrinkles, such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow's feet, can be reduced by relaxing the muscle that causes them. This is done using an injectable neuromodulator (btx). It blocks certain signals in the muscle, preventing it from contracting and relaxing, thus helping to soften lines and wrinkles.

The toxin treats wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements. This also makes the treatment very suitable from mid-20s to early 30s, and you want to work preventively on wrinkles that develop later.

Is it dangerous?

Although it is a very popular treatment, there are fears among some that it is a harmful substance with high risks of permanent damage. However, numerous, clinical studies have been done that prove time and again that this injectable is considered very safe, with minimal risks and side effects.

Nevertheless, with any injectable treatment, it is important to find a qualified doctor with specialist and proven experience. This is because if injections are not done competently, they can inadvertently spread into other areas which can lead to muscle relaxation in the wrong place.

At the other extreme, too much or too often is injected, which can lead to a frozen look giving.

Fortunately, in both cases, the results are never permanent and will gradually disappear in three to four months.

How does a frown wrinkle treatment work?

Treatment always starts with a consultation, in which we discuss in detail what bothers you and what you want to achieve. We look at your medical background and decide what would suit you best in terms of treatment. We take photos so that we have a good picture of before and after treatment.

Your face is subsequently cleansed and the doctor pricks the areas to be treated. It is a fairly smooth treatment that usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Some red spots may appear, but generally you will be presentable immediately after treatment.

What should and shouldn't you do immediately after treatment?

Try not to lie down for the first 90 minutes. This is because there is then a small risk of spreading. However, this hardly ever occurs. After an hour and a half, the injectable is bound to the muscle and lying down can no longer do any harm.

Do not exercise for 24 hours: exercise increases blood circulation in the body, including the face, causing your face to blush and turn red when you exercise. This increased circulation is great for your skin, but it increases the chances that (part of) the injectable will leave the area via sweat before it is fully absorbed into the neuromuscular junction.

Four hours of no pressure on the areas treated: this includes wearing tight hats or caps or ice packs that press on the skin. Again, we run the risk of the injectable spreading and working in an area where we don't want it to. You can simply wash your face that same evening, but we recommend waiting a day with harsh exfoliating products.

When will you see results and how long will they stay visible?

Because the injectable has to bind to receptors to relax muscles, the effects are not immediately noticeable.

Results start working as early as day two or three, but it can take 10 to 14 days for the muscle to fully relax.

Fine lines and wrinkles continue to improve when the muscles are in a relaxed state and the wrinkles cannot form. This continues to improve as you repeat the injectable.

That said, every person is different. Since your body is always making new receptors and neurotransmitters, the person will differ exactly how long the relaxing effect lasts. On average, we see that the effects of treatment last between 3 and 4 months.

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Half-sided paralysis involves failure of the facial nerve on one side. Injectables restore symmetry to your face. Make an appointment.

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